2nd Post Baby!

Well. I’m still trying to get used to this new environment. I’ve spent like 3 hours just by lookin for the most suitable theme for my blogsite! Haha!

Now here’s the plan, because I’m relatively new to this newfangled territory, I have decided to sort-of absorb my old way of posting, the way I used to do (Multiply).  I’m bringing back Survey Thursday, wherein I answer several questions ala-Survey (you could ask me anything btw); Rank ‘Em In Fridays, wherein I list down what’s hot and what’s not all around the world; and my personal fave Feel Good Sundays, wherein I write several inspirational quotes and anecdotes about fictional or non-fictional people.  Of course I’ll be squeezing in some surprises!

All these and more to come!


Shout It Out!

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