• Do you listen to Classical Music?

               – nope


  • Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

               – I can’t


  • When you think of applesauce, what comes to you mind?

               – American Pie? Haha!


  • Black Ink or Blue Ink?

               – Black


  • Do you like chicken?

               – Oh yeah!


  • Is your mouse wireless?

               – yup.


  • Do you wear sunglasses?

               – I’m not a fan of it.


  • Have you ever tried dog or cat food of any kind?

               – no!


  • Milk or Dark Chocolate?

               – Milk.  I just couldn’t stand the taste of Dark chocolate.  Chocolates for me are made to taste sweet, not bitter. =P


  • What color is your towel?

               – yellowish…prolly because it’s dirty already…im kiddin.


  • Milk shake or Smoothie?

               – Smoothie.


  • Do you like to drink water?

               – Of course.


  • What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done?

               – i cant think of any.


  • Pork chop or Chicken?

               – Chicken


  • Day or night?

               – Day


  • Have you read “I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I Have To Kill You” by Ally Carter?

               – I’m not a bookworm so NO.


  • Are you a fan of bubbles?

               – not really.


  • What number is this question?

               – Shox I dunno! 18?


  • Did you answer the last question right?

               – I dunno! Haha!


  • When you see the color yellow, what comes to your mind?

               – Happiness! =)


If you have any questions or surveys that I could kill time and answer, feel free to send them to franco_buendia@yahoo.com


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