Album Review: JUSTIN BIEBER – Believe

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The Canadian Boy is growing fast before our very eyes.  Remember when we first saw him with his signature hairstyle, matched with his marketable high pitched tone.  Now he is flying past his puberty, leaving his fans wondering, “Where will he go for his musical career?”

Since March 2010, Justin Bieber has not released any full length studio original album.  I don’t want to count his remixes album Never Say Never and his Christmas album Under The Mistletoe into the mix.  So let’s see if Believe can live up to the expectations of his crazy fans, and to see what route he is heading.

  1. All Around The World – Uhm.  Is this a song from The Wanted or One Direction?  Yeah it’s a very dance-able track that the clubs would love playing.  But it’s not a Bieber track.  I still feel a future hit out of this one though.
  2. Boyfriend – Bieber’s current hit single.  He is definitely channeling a Justin Timberlake.  With his voice changing, this is a good turn for him.  Justin Bieber definitely got swag.
  1. As Long As You Love Me – His voice is all grown up and it’s very evident on this track.  If you’re still stuck with him singing in high pitch, just remember, he is 18 years old already.  I could care less with the Big Sean part.
  2. Catching Feelings – Sounded like a breath of fresh air.  You can just ride with the strums of the guitar and Bieber’s cool voice.
  3. Take You – Another One Direction-ish track.  Sounded like a British Pop Disco Song.  Catchy? Yeah.
  4. Right Here – Now we’re talking.  I really like this 90’s R&B/Urban flava kind of swag.  I can sense a lot of Chris Brown on this one.  Oh wait, this track features Drizzy (Drake)! My bad.  My personal fave.
  5. Fall – Another “cool” track that the background guitar and percussion sounded like TLC’s Unpretty.
  6. Die In Your Arms – Another personal fave of mine.  What not to love in this Motown Rip-off?  Well maybe I have an old soul.
  7. Thought Of You – Hmm.  Too cheesy for my taste?  Too High School Musical?  Oh no, I can feel those Bieber fans are swarming my way hating me right now.  Next.
  8. Beauty And A Beat – The song sounded just ok.  The Nicki Minaj rap part somehow kicked the song up a notch.
  9. One Love – A bit catchy especially the repetitive hook in the middle of the chorus, but that’s just about it.  I like the drum beats and patterns, as well as the bass blasts.
  10. Be Alright – Another guitar ballad that seemed to come after every one or two fast tracks.  Another soothing melody and Bieber just sang the song beautifully and with constraint.
  11. Believe – I can hear those crazy Bieber fans shrieking in delight.  This song is definitely for the fans and definitely a crowd pleaser.
  12. Out Of Town Girl – Three words: Very. Justin. Timberlake. (Fans can kill me now.  Don’t fret, as JB said in this song, ‘All you gotta do is swag,’ Bieber got lots of it.)
  13. She Don’t Like The Lights – This song takes you on a roller coaster ride — started off slow, then gyrates to a hard-thumping beat, then stops abruptly.
  14. Maria – After a full album of pop/danceable tracks, soothing love songs, and happy thoughts, Justin Bieber ended his album with full of angst and negativity.  Why?  And yeah this song is about Mariah Yeater. (Google her.)

Final Thoughts: Justin Bieber might gather new fans on this.  Of course his tween fans would LOVE this album.

Songs to be put on your Playlist: Boyfriend, Die In Your Arms, Right Here

Grab this album if you like: Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber, and you guessed it, Justin Bieber.

3.5 out of 5 stars


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