It Comes In Threes.

 THREE NAMES THAT FRIENDS CALL YOU  Of course i go by the name Franco, but most people, especially the close ones, call me Cocoy.  Carlo is my second name, but i seldom use it.

 THREE MOST IMPORTANT DATES IN YOU’RE LIFE  Three? Let’s see…hmm my birthday is on October 11, that’s one.  September 4 and December 25 (Random choices)

 THREE THINGS YOU’VE DONE IN THE LAST 33 MINUTES Time Check: 11:30PM.  Last 11PM I just finished watching One True Love, after that I opened my pc, gather my usb cord for my Nikon, and started Copying my photos from this awesome Send-off party.

 THREE WAYS TO BE HAPPY First definitely is to think and stay positive AT ALL TIMES whatever the happens!  Second, let yourself be surrounded with happy people because the positiveness will definitely transcend to you.  Lastly, stay in touch with Him.

 THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS AS OF NOW Scream by Usher, Don’t Wake Me Up by Chris Brown, Drunk by Ed Sheeran.

 THREE NAMES YOU WANT TO GIVE YOUR CHILDREN These names just came out of the box: Luke, Sean, and Jessica. hehe

 THREE GIFTS YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE Gosh I really wanted my dad to give me a car! Hmm.. what else? A new pair of shoes and pants to go with em (hittin two birds with one stone eh?) And yeah, please give me pocket money for future use! =P

 THREE OF YOUR FAVOURITE HOBBIES blogging, watching movies, and watching tv

 THREE PLACES YOU WANT TO GO FOR VACATION I really wanna go back to Bora!  I also wanted to have a vacation in South Korea (simply because of all the Koreanovelas made there! Hehe), and I’m dying to have a European tour!

 THREE THINGS U HATE IN THE OPPOSITE SEX Honestly I really hate girls who nag all the time, complaining about this and that! Of course it’s a big no-no for me to see a girl who smokes.  And those who are not hygienic. =P

 THREE MALLS YOU USUALLY GO TO Nowadays you can usually spot me at MOA, Glorietta/Greenbelt/Makati Area, and at SM North/Trinoma.

 THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE MOVIES the most recent ones? The Amazing Spider-Man (definitely), Prometheus, and The Avengers!

 THREE FAVORITE FOODS (My 3 P’s) Pizza, Pasta, Popcorn

 THREE THINGS FOUND IN YOUR BAG the last bag I used consisted of my Nikon, my wallet and iPod, and a hand sanitizer

 THREE FAVORITE COLORS blue, green, and black

 TOP THREE PLACES TO HANGOUT KG’s house, at the cinema, and at home.

 TOP THREE THINGS YOU MISSED DOING doing Medical Mission in Bora, watching concerts, and working at the Operating Room… awww.


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