Album Review: Usher – Looking 4 Myself

ImageI am a HUGE fan of Usher, since his earlier days.  I even have his LP of My Way, and yeah it’s a cassette tape.  From 8701 to Confessions (which is by far his Thriller album), Here I Stand, and Raymond VS Raymond, I really do follow and snoop to his musical masterpieces.  For his movies, not so much. Haha.  I was able to watch him live in concert when he had his concert here in the Philippines and he was oh, so magnificent.  Such a total performer.   Anyway, Looking 4 Love is Usher’s seventh studio album and it seems like there is no stopping this R&B Superstar.  Here are the track listing:

  1.  Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – With Billy Joel classic Uptown Girl  creeping out in the background, not to mention some remnants of Usher’s dance classic OMG, this 1st track is sure to put everyone on their feet and DANCE.
  2. Scream – His second single is again a very catchy dance track.  You can hear this time around some DJ Got Us Falling In Love remnants here.  This is Usher’s Dance Anthem for this album ala Yeah! (which is by far my ultimate favourite dance song of the 00’s).  And did you guys see his music video of this song?  Amazing!
  3. Climax – The album’s carrier single.  Ok, I love Usher mainly because of his amazing vocals and especially his falsetto.  And we get to experience that on this track.
  4. I Care 4 You – Sadly, I was not getting this dub step.  It was not catchy at all.  It sounded weird, not revolutionary.
  5. Show Me – Finally!  Show Me is probably THE best song of the album.  Produced by Danja Handz (SexyBack) and written by Usher himself, Show Me features some house synth-claps and techno-rhythm, combined with nice, feel-good lyrics.  Everyone will be bopping their heads to this music.
  6. Lemme See – The album’s current single features Rick Ross.  This is a bit of a hardcore, hard-hitting R&B/Hip-Hop song.
  7. Twisted – With Pharell (who’s also one of my favourite artists) on the side, you can never go wrong with this track.  There’s a 60’s feel to it, topped by Usher’s amazing vocals.  I just love Pharell’s signature drum beats and bass.
  8. Dive – One of Usher’s slow-jam songs.  I really miss Usher and his power ballads, which he actually lacks in this album.  But this track shows why I’m a fan of Usher in the first place.  Amazing and soulful vocals, nuff said.
  9. What Happened To You? – A bit of a lackluster for me.  Cannon Fodder.
  10. Looking 4 Myself – Hmm.  What can I say about this song?  So weird.  It’s so disconnected to the other tracks.  And this is the title of his album?  I found myself time-warped into some 80’s disco club or something.
  11. Numb – And it doesn’t stop there.  Is this a Kelly Clarkson song?  Or a David Guetta track?  It’s danceable and catchy, but this is not Usher.
  12. Lessons For The Lover – When I heard the words, “Turn the lights off” in the beginning of this song, I remembered the Beyonce’s classic Sweet Dreams.  And I realized, maybe this song is a Beautiful Nightmare.  Haha!  I still like this song because this is what Usher is known—pure R&B.  And this song speaks volumes of the word S.E.X.
  13. Sins Of My Father – It sounded a very gritty MoTown track.  Tastefully done, but again I am missing his signature classic power ballad vibe.
  14. Euphoria – From the title itself, you can easily expect that this will be a very intense, over-the-top dance track.  And it sure did explode to be a House/club track.  He clearly ended the album on a high note, with champagne poppin’, dancefloor bumpin and grindin’.

Side Note: The Deluxe Edition features additional tracks.

Final Thoughts: I am truly missing his U Got It Bad, Burn, and Confessions vibes.  Yes, Usher has a vision and a direction where he wanted to go as an artist, but the tracks on this album can be too disconnected (probably he wanted to cater different listeners), leaving me, well, confused as a fan.  Leave the pop trance tracks to Lady Gaga and Rihanna please.

Song to be put on your Playlist: Scream, Show Me, Twisted, Dive

Grab this album if you like: Chris Brown, Pharell, Beyonce, Tank, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Usher.

2.0 out of 5


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