Album Review: Chris Brown – Fortune

ImageDamn this guy creates an album like a speeding bullet train.  It was 2011 that seemed like yesterday when Chris Brown released his fifth studio album F.A.M.E. which created such monster hits like Yeah 3X, Look At Me Now, She Ain’t You, Beautiful People and Next To You featuring Justin Bieber.  Despite controversies and his volatile reputation, Chris Brown managed to remain commercially successful.  And now he releases a new album entitled Fortune, which picks up where F.A.M.E. left off musically.  Let us see if this album creates such fortune.

  1. Turn Up The Music – This song is too damn infectious!  What a way to start a hard-hitting party album!  I remembered when I first heard of this song, I think it was when he performed this on Good Morning America; I got hooked right away, downloaded the track and played on Repeat Mode.
  2. Bassline – Breezy’s on fire!  I could hear this song blasting on some hip-hop circuits around the world.  I just did not get what Bassline was he talking about (Girls like my / Bassline / Shake it to my / Bassline) Just kiddin.
  3. Till I Die featuring Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean – I know they’re high on this track, but I don’t care, this song’s tight.  I like the vibe, like Look At Me Now.
  4. Mirage featuring Nas – Again I love the vibe of this track.  Its gritty and dark, with a pretty nice hook and rap break by Nas.
  5. Don’t Judge Me – Intended to be a PR strategy for Chris Brown.  “Take me as I am / Not who I was / I promise I’ll be / The one that you trust.”    Sounded cheesy.  Having said that, the song sounded good.
  6. 2012 – It’s the end of the world and Chris Brown has only one thing in mind: SEX.  Damn.  Well that’s about it. Next track please.
  7. Biggest Fan – Another SEXual track.  Even if it actually sounded really great, I was just bothered with the lines of the song.  “You scream / I need / To pull your body closer / let me sex you babe / Girl you better not change your mind.”  What if the girl changes her mind?  Just a scary thought, thinking about Chris Brown past criminal records.
  8. Sweet Love – Yet another sensual track.  Man, Chris Brown just knows how to work it and bump and grind.  Reminiscent here is Silk’s 90’s track Freak Me.  I kind of like this throwback attempt.
  9. Strip featuring Kevin McCall – Pure R&B at its best.  It is so nice listening to this song!  Cool track.  In some of his past works, Auto Tunes sometimes cloud Chris Brown, forgetting that he is actually a really good singer.  The vocals on this track were pretty awesome.
  10. Stuck On Stupid – This is a pop ballad.  Though it sounded good, I just didn’t like it.
  11. 4 Years Old – It may sound too cheesy, but with lines like “It feels like I’m 4 years old all over again / Cuz I just keep running fast should be walkin’,” I couldn’t help but like this cool breeze of a song.
  12. Party Hard / Cadillac (Interlude) featuring Sevyn – When I saw the title, I thought this song is a hard, fast, body bumping dance anthem.  I was wrong.  This is actually another pop ballad.  This amazing track ends up with a doo-wop a capella with Sevyn that left me wanting more.
  13. Don’t Wake Me Up – One of his current singles, this song can go straight to the dance clubs, like his past dance hit Beautiful People.  But I guess they used too much Auto-tuning in this that he sounded like a drunk robot.
  14. Trumpet Lights featuring Sabrina Antoinett – Chris Brown is assisted by Sabrina Antoinett who sounded too much like, you guessed it, Rihanna.  This can actually be mistaken as a Rihanna song.  But this song is too ambitious.  It kinda worked though.

Final Thoughts:  Still a remarkable album, filled with a lot of potential dance hits and singles Chris Brown can add to his growing repertoire.

Songs to be put on your Playlist: Turn Up The Music, Bassline, Strip, Party Hard/ Cadillac, Don’t Wake Me Up

Grab album if you like: Jason DeRulo, David Guetta, Usher, Rihanna

3.5 out of 5 stars


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