Album Review: Maroon 5 – Overexposed

ImageIf you are a big big fan of the band Maroon 5, you surely noticed by now that front man Adam Levine and the gang has been evolving musically.  I mean, if you listen to their debut album Songs About Jane and their debut single Harder To Breathe decades ago, then you switch up to Payphone all of a sudden, the two songs would sound like night and day.  I am not complaining at all because change is good.  Maroon 5 said in an interview that ‘Overexposed” is their most pop-friendly album to date.  Let’s see if they are pop enough to please their die hard fans and as well as to gather new ones.

  1. One More Night – This is the band’s second official single.  Upbeat Pop-rock beats with hints of Reggae music just blasted from my speakers.  It’s surprisingly catchy and decent. (Not a fan of reggae.)
  2. Payphone Feat. Wiz Khalifa – When they performed this song on The Voice I got addicted to it instantly.  This is one of those songs that when you hear it, you will listen to it over and over again, and even after a year or two, it will still hit you.  Adam Levine’s voice is undeniably authentic.
  3. Daylight – This song definitely brings back the erstwhile and authentic Maroon 5 sound that we fell in love years ago.  Daylight brings back Maroon 5 to their wheelhouse, that’s for sure.  I LOVE THIS SONG.
  4. Lucky Strike – When I heard the guitar strings hitting a few seconds in, I knew that this is a rock song.  Damn I was wrong!  The beat sounded more Adam Lambert than Adam Levine.  Just saying.  It’s full of energy though.
  5. The Man Who Never Lied – not picking from The Script song, this track just carried on the energy from the preceding song.  I love the chorus.
  6. Love Somebody – I think this is their most pop-sounding song of the album.  I really like this song.  Sounded like Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger mixed with Kris Allen’s Vision Of Love.
  7. Ladykiller – Nope, this is not one of those Cee-Lo Green records.  Channeling their Foster The People vibe, Maroon 5 nails this dark and fervent song about a femme fatale.  This song is smokin’.
  8. Fortune Teller – Unfortunately the whole song has a mouthful of clichés and predictable hooks and lyrics.  It did not work one bit.
  9. Sad – Would you ever think that Maroon 5 would create a power ballad?  This song is full-on piano with Adam Levine serenading the listeners.  This song is fantastic.
  10. Tickets – I’m sensing an upcoming single with this one.  The techno-pop vibe sounds very engaging to the ears.
  11. Doin’ Dirt – And the energy just keeps on going and going!  Loaded with discotheque beats syncopating from beginning to end.  This track is jam-packed of pleasure.
  12. Beautiful Goodbye – The bands current smash hit.  The best way to end a Maroon 5 album is to bring the band back to their roots – a pop-rock that is so powerful and bittersweet.  This is genuinely a Maroon 5 track.

Side Note: The Deluxe Edition features additional tracks including their collaboration with Christina Aguilera Moves Like Jagger.

Final Thoughts: I do not know how would the fans (especially the fans of the band since the earlier days) react to this completely newfangled effort.  But one thing is for sure, Maroon 5 is still one of the most highly successful bands to date.  Again, change is always good.

Song to be put on your Playlist: Payphone, Beautiful Goodbye, Daylight, Ladykiller, Sad

Grab this album if you like: Ryan Tedder, Foster The People, Train

4 out of 5


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