Top Ten Olympic Uniforms

It’s Rank ‘Em In Friday!   The Hollywood Reporter has released a list of their top favorite uniforms for this year London Olympics!  Let’s all check them out!



1. Team Great Britain

Stella McCartney modelled her blue and white color blocked modern uniforms, with bits of red trim, on the British Union Jack – but the U.K. Press said there was not enough red! But there was plenty of style and a unique approach to athletic clothes.


2. Team Egypt

The female players wore black, white and red Nike and Adidas knock offs – till Nike got mad and sent them the real deal. The contradiction between the modern color blocked stretch lycra and their white head covers makes for one weird – but vibrant – fashion statement.


3. Team Honduras Soccer

A lot of the mens’ soccer teams paired clashing colors to stand out on the field – but Honduras kept it masculine, in blue and white vertical stripes on the shirts, and horizontal ones on their legs. And it doesn’t get any trendier than stripes.


4. Team Spain

At the opening ceremony, they had the nerve to pair yellow tops with full flared red satin skirts – it’s so wrong it’s right, and Miuccia Prada would no doubt agree.


5. Team U.S.A. Gymnasts

They got the gold — but they really shined in purple sparkling leotards, that jumped off the HD screens. They wore violet eyeshadow to match.


6. Team Greece Men’s Water Polo

All the water polo playing male teams donned the smallest male bikinis we’ve ever seen – all the better to show their muscles. But Team Greece wore striped bottoms – and with their white caps, had a nautical theme.


7. Team Australia

They wore bright yellow jackets that could not be missed – teamed with turquoise bottoms. It brought to mind  the sun and surf of Bondi Beach.


8. Team Sweden Sailing

Blue is the hot fall color, but teamed with white, it’s pure summer. What could be more appropriate for sailing?


9. Team Saudi Arabia

Obviously, their floor length black zip up hoodies and black head wraps are worn for religious reasons – but it actually looks very chic. We can see this catching on and being part of the next Marc Jacobs collection.


10. Team Russia

Head to toe crimson is one way of getting attention. It also harkens back to their political history.

I personally like the uniform Team USA wears during awarding ceremonies, ESPECIALLY their rocking Nike shoes!



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