Album Review: fun. – Some Nights

ImageFun (stylized as fun.) is an American alternative rock band based in New York City.  Some Nights is actually their sophomore album, but they became popular with their smash hit We Are Young that it was so popular, it has since been used in several other media including Gossip GirlChuck90210, and of course the kids of Glee sang this on their Hold On To Sixteen episode.  That was when I first heard of that song.  Let’s check their album then.

  1. Some Nights Intro – Wait.  Whoa.  I never expected this.  I was caught off-guard.  The intro is overly dramatic and over the top!  Sets the mood in a melodramatic way.
  2. Some Nights – And the intro just sets this 2nd track and current single ON FIRE!  This song is so catchy and powerful and everything in between!  Sets the bar for the whole album high up the mountains, and I am making crazy comments! Haha!
  3. We Are Young Feat. Janelle Monae- Damn.  3 for 3!  One of the best Anthems for the youth.  Authentic.  Janelle Monae was useless here though, just a simple touch.
  4. Carry On – Such a rousing chorus that everyone can sing along.  Gosh I’m loving this album so far. Amazing vocals and sound.
  5. It Gets Better – This is something more like an out-of-the-box experiment that sounded a bit distant from the other tracks.  The chorus sounds interesting, but a bit cheesy.
  6. Why Am I The One – One of the band’s straight-up ballads.  It sounded like a British-Indie-Pop ballad.  I am in love with the melody.  At first you won’t get the harmony but this track is so infectious, you would listen to this over and over.
  7. All Alone – Another fun and amazing upbeat track with hints of hip-hop and mainstream pop.  I could easily hear this song on the radio.
  8. All Right – I did not get the beats on this track.  Sounded similar to the previous tracks but it came up short.  It grows on you a bit, but It’s just an OK song for me.  It’s still good though.
  9. One Foot – I just did not get this song.  They sounded like a marching band, rather than becoming a promising, on-the-rise group.
  10. Stars – This song sounded weird for me.  And throwing Auto-tuning in overdrive in the middle just did not do it for me.  Absolutely their weakest track in the album.
  11. Out On The Town [Bonus Track] – Did they just save the best for last?  They sure did!  I am wondering why is this only a bonus track.  It may not as anthemic as Some Nights and We Are Young, but this is definitely on Repeat Mode.

Final Thoughts: You will definitely love this album if you’re into Indie Pop Alternative Rock.  This album is a breath of fresh air with bursting energy.  Most of the tracks are so infectious, humorous, catchy, and oddly moving.  This album is definitely a great buy.

Song to be put on your Playlist: Out On The Town, Some Nights, We Are Young, Why Am I The One, All Alone, Carry On

Grab this album if you like: Foster The People, Train, James Blunt, Arcade Fire, OneRepublic, Keane

4.5 out of 5


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