Entertainment Weekly Exclusive Cover Photos For The Walking Dead Season 3

Posted on 22/08/2012


I know I know, The Walking Dead hiatus is killllling us fans but Entertainment Weekly recently published these covers for its latest issue, to entice us more and be super-hyped up for the newest TWD Season, coming this 14 October!

For the fans of the graphic novel, we all know what’s in store for the Prison-Governor-Michonne story-arc, but one thing is for sure, Season 3 will be a f*ckin BLOODBATH in EPIC Proportions!  I just hope that creators Robert Kirkman and show runner Glen Mazzara, and the rest of the production team, would stick to the original story lines and supposed DEATHS, with huge surprises both for the TV and Novel die-hard fans!


Photo Credits: EW.com

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