Entertainment Weekly Exclusive Cover Photos For The Walking Dead Season 3

I know I know, The Walking Dead hiatus is killllling us fans but Entertainment Weekly recently published these covers for its latest issue, to entice us more and be super-hyped up for the newest TWD Season, coming this 14 October!

For the fans of the graphic novel, we all know what’s in store for the Prison-Governor-Michonne story-arc, but one thing is for sure, Season 3 will be a f*ckin BLOODBATH in EPIC Proportions!  I just hope that creators Robert Kirkman and show runner Glen Mazzara, and the rest of the production team, would stick to the original story lines and supposed DEATHS, with huge surprises both for the TV and Novel die-hard fans!


Photo Credits: EW.com


4 thoughts on “Entertainment Weekly Exclusive Cover Photos For The Walking Dead Season 3”

  1. A few great things about the bottom covers.

    The one on the left must be The Governor, I have heard the name of the actor playing his role but this is my first time seeing who it must be. I am too lazy too google if I am correct.

    The photo of Darrell has a nice snippet of Merle who we have been tipped was coming back with a bad-ass zombie-proof swiss army attachment.

    thanks for the peek, I can’t wait for Oct.

    1. Yep, that’s The Governor. The role of The Governor was given to British actor David Morrisey. Some of his past works include The Reaping, The Other Boleyn Girl, and The Red Riding Trilogy.

      And yeah Merle’s back! I wonder what chaos would he bring this time around.

      You’re welcome and thanks for the visit. I hope this won’t be the last. =)

      1. I have never heard of any of his other work, hopefully he plays this to a point we shudder at his screen presence.

        Keep writing and I will continue to visit.

      2. Well, I have seen The Red Riding Trilogy, but I couldn’t remember him there, I think this was Andrew Garfield’s earlier films. Morrisey may not look exactly like the one in the comics, but I hope he can pull it off. Thanks again for the tremendous support! =)

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