Breaking: Keith Urban Signs On For American Idol


Country star and Grammy Winner (and Nicole Kidman’s husband) Keith Urban has just been signed as an American Idol Judge!  Well, Country Music is a big industry in the US so it’s logical to sign someone from this genre.  He will be joining Mariah Carey in the judges’ panel.  Here is an exclusive report from The Country Vibe:

Sources have confirmed exclusively to The Country Vibe that Keith Urban has accepted an offer from American Idol to sit at the judges table next to Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and a rumored fourth judge that will likely not be Randy Jackson for the upcoming season of the show.

Sources tell The Country Vibe the Idol executives definitely wanted a judge from the country music world and it came down to Keith Urban and Brad Paisley.  Although no firm figures have been published about Nicki Minaj’s salary, we hear it is somewhere in the neighborhood of $8.5 million, a far cry from the $18 million Mariah Carey is reportedly making to sit at the judge’s table.  We understand Brad’s representatives were seeking a payday similar to Nicki’s for him to participate in the show.  When a deal could not be reached he decided to pass.  Sources tell us Keith will be making $3 million as a judge on season 12 on American Idol.

$3 Million for Keith Urban?  Not bad!  I’m actually pleased to see someone with a country vibe to join Idol.  A panel with Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and potentially Nicki Minaj would be a very interesting pool.  Mariah as the Legend, Urban as the Country Star, Minaj as the CRAZY and Unpredictable one!  I think they are channeling The Voice.  I don’t think a fourth judge would be good for Idol for it would look so much like its competitors.


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