Album Review: Jason Mraz – Love Is A Four Letter Word

ImageWith all the different WGWGs emerging like wild mushrooms, it’s extremely difficult to have a strong and enduring musical career with the same kind of genre.  But with writing cleverness as good as Jason Mraz, you can never go wrong.

As a follow-up for the Grammy-winning album We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things., Mr. A to Z is back with Love Is A Four Letter Word.  I mean, his previous record is a very tough act to follow, with singles like Lucky and I’m Yours, the latter being the longest-running Billboard 100 hit ever.

Mraz told that the concept of this album is to celebrate love in a way that all of us strive to be loved and to love well.  That ‘love’ shows up through actions, how we help and serve others.

  1.  The Freedom Song – This is the only song that Mraz did not write himself.  It definitely sets the tone for the whole album.  With trumpets and horns and all, this one hell of an infectious song that you can tap your fingers into.
  2. Living In The Moment – A blissful whistle opens this joyous track that makes you feel relaxed.  This song has a simple melody that sticks to you and takes you to a very, very happy place.
  3. The Woman I Love – I LOVE THIS SONG.  Mraz dedicates this particular song to the men in the relationships because sometimes women forgets her own greatness, so it’s up to the other half to love that person back into the person we know them to be.  The song is honest, sincere and again with a simple, yet infectious melody.  Unquestionably one of Mraz’s finest works.
  4. I Won’t Give Up – Probably everyone is in love with this power ballad the first time it was released.  While other tracks were jovial and somehow celebratory with a declaration of how wonderful life is, this song is about the sacrifices one has to make for that special someone, and for not giving up regardless of what happens in the relationship.  Sigh.
  5. 5/6 – One of those songs that you have to hear live on the stage with dim lights on.  The underscoring guitar strings, together with Mraz’s unique voice hypnotizes you and engages you into his artistic world.
  6. Everything Is Sound – This song is simply about the joy of singing and having a good perspective in life.  I think in this day and age, we all need this kind of uplifting and affirmative song.  I assure you that you will sing-along with the la la la part of this cheerful pop-anthem.  The best part for me is the last, unplugged part.  Perfect.
  7. 93 Million MilesJust know, you’re never alone, you can always come back home.  BEAUTIFUL.  Jason Mraz is the master.  This song is like a sweet hot chocolate for a cold winter, or the warmest hug you can get from your Mom.  I’m pretty emotional right now.  Damn.
  8. Frank D. Fixer – Frank D. Fixer is about Mraz’s grandfather, Frank Mraz.  This time Jason Mraz is showing his story-telling tricks with witty song writing skills.  Jason Mraz thinks that we are back in an age of a do-it-yourself-er (reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, repurpose) that is important now as ever.  And hooray for the Harmonica solo!
  9. Who’s Thinking About You Now? – Mraz wrote this song to his former band-mate, who helped him polish his writing skills.  At first I thought this is one of those filler songs, but when I listened to it a couple of times, it’s actually good.
  10. In Your hands – How I wish I knew how to write and compose songs as great as Jason Mraz (or James Morrison), so that I could attract more women (Douchebag alert) Haha!  Seriously I am jealous of their natural talent, and yeah I love this song.
  11. Be Honest – Another unique track.  A bit lounge-y but I love the acoustic vibe that, again, takes you to a different place that is calm and collected.
  12. The World As I See It – One of the current singles of the album, this song is also one of my favourites.  Well, almost all of the songs in this album are my favourites.  Just like the first track Freedom Song, this song is so infectious; you could play this song over and over again.
  13. Hidden Track – I think the title of this hidden track is I’m Coming Over.  I thought ending the satisfying album with The World As I See It was a good thing, wait till you hear this hidden track.  This one’s a more perfect closer.

Final Thoughts: Every track in this album is very unique in its own right.  A much diversified album from track 1 down to the hidden track.  Love Is A Four Letter Word has kept my sanity intact.  To quote one of his earlier songs, there’s no stopping Jason Mraz.  I think this is his best album yet.

Song to be put on your Playlist: The Woman I Love, I Won’t Give Up, 93 Million Miles, The World As I See It, Everything Is Sound

Grab this album if you like: John Mayer, James Morrison, Ed Sheeran, Mumford And Sons, Jars Of Clay

4.5 out of 5


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