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First off, I’m proud to say that this is my very first movie review for a Filipino Movie.  I’m also proud to say that Filipino Movies are on a roll this year.  Let’s see.  There’s Just One SummerThe ReunionGuni GuniAmorosa, and of course Ido Bidoo Bidoo.  All of these movies were shown for the months of August and September!  I must say our movie industry has never been this alive!


From the same production outfit (UnitelStudio 5) that brought you Crying Ladies and Rosario, and helmed by the same Director (Chris Martinez) who wrote such smash hits as Kimmy Dora and Babae Sa Septic Tank, here comes Ido Bidoo Bidoo.


The film stars Rock Polotan (Sam Concepcion), a young, newly-registered Nurse and a father-to-be.  He is from a middle-class, struggling family that consists of father Pol Polotan (Ogie Alcasid), who is a one-hit wonder writer-composer, and mother Rose (Eugene Domingo), who is a caterer.  Rock and his girlfriend Tracy Fuentebella (Tippy Dos Santos) wanted to get married without more ado because Tracy is pregnant.


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Of course their parents are opposed to this.  Rock’s parents wanted their son to pursue his Nursing career abroad, while Tracy’s wealthy family with a massive mansion (parents Gary Valenciano and Zsa Zsa Padilla) don’t seem to like the fact that Tracy is pregnant at a young age, and Rock’s poor family.  When the meeting of the contrasting families ended up in a fight, Rock and Tracy were left to decide whether to choose their love for each other or their families.


Movie Musicals for me can be polarizing.  I am a fan of Sweeny Todd and The Sound Of Music, but I got so cheesed out by Rock Of Ages (check out my review HERE).  Ido Bidoo Bidoo can sit right in the middle.  The story is pretty simple and familiar.  However, what sets this movie apart is the undeniably infectious and nostalgic music of Apo Hiking Society.  The songs were composed decades ago, but the presentation was so refreshing, you would think that the music was originally and specifically written for the movie.


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The cast were great and remarkable.  Personally I do not like Sam Concepcion as a singer and actor.  I’m not a fan.  Tippy Dos Santos is someone that draws people in.  She’s very likable and pleasing to the eyes.  She gives me the Vanessa Hudgens-Selena Gomez vibe.  But I could replace both of them with JuliElmo anytime.  But then again for Sam, I could not think of any actors of this generation that could perfectly play his role.  At the end of the day, I think both of them gave justice to their role as a young and naive couple.


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Eugene Domingo may be the only non-singer in the cast, but she was my favourite character in the movie!  And her bed scene with Ogie Alcasid to the tune of Di Na Natuto was downright funny and single-handedly my favourite part of the movie!  The support cast was terrific as well.


Ido Bidoo Bidoo generally is a feel-good movie.  It is impossible to leave the cinema without a smile.  It’s gender-sensitive and socially relevant.  And with APO’s music that seems timeless to top it all, this movie is unquestionably a musical masterpiece.

4.0 out of 5


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: IDO BIDOO BIDOO”

    1. Yeah. If you read my review, it’s there. I could not see anyone else that could be Rock (Sam Concepcion), but I still don’t like the actor. =)

      Thanks and keep on supporting my blog! =)

  1. For me they’re okay with their roles. They’re perfect actually. Well as you can see, they both have experience in theater, so they can sing, dance and act. JulieMo, yeah popular, but only Julie can really sing well, Elmo (so, so). They act, yes, but needs more workshop.. Just my opinion 🙂

    For me Tippy and Sam are good, they just need more exposure.

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