American Idol Judges Panel A Done Deal [Report]


According to Deadline, FOX appears to have settled their own set of judges, and it’s not a trio but a quartet.

According to industry insiders, Fox appears to have settled on a quartet of judges for the upcoming 12th season of American Idol with not a moment to spare as taped auditions are eyed to begin as early as next week. Joining confirmed new judge Mariah Carey will be Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Enrique Iglesias, who just wrapped his tour with departing Idol judge Jennifer Lopez. Information on their salaries is conflicting, but Carey’s is believed to be in the $15 million-$17 million range, Minaj’s and Iglesias’ in the $10 million-$12 million range, and Urban is rumored to be earning about $3 million-$5 million. Don’t forger host Ryan Seacrest, who also is pulling a cool $15 million a season. The role of originalAmerican Idol judge Randy Jackson remains unclear.


So there, it’s settled.  I hope this ends the Idol Drama, and focus more on the talents.  What do you think of the quartet of judges?  In the meantime, let’s all get CRAZY with The X Factor USA and The Voice!


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