iPhone 5: The Best 5 New Features

After the new generation of iPhone has been announced by Apple,  the guys from ABC News have come up a list of the five best new features in the iPhone 5. Via ABC


New Design

(c) Apple

Some will say the new iPhone looks just like the old iPhone in photos, but when you see the phone for yourself you notice the differences. The phone isn’t only thinner and lighter, but new materials make it feel different. The back of the phone is made of aluminum so you no longer get those fingerprint streaks on the glass. The slate and black model looks tough and the white and silver version looks elegant.


Bigger Screen

(c) Apple

The new iPhone has a 4-inch screen, but it doesn’t feel as if Apple made it bigger just for the sake of bigness. The screen is taller than the one on previous iPhones, but not wider. The new screen now fits an extra row of icons, more text and images on a web page, and wider movies. It has the same Retina display, but the color saturation has been improved too.



(c) Apple

This is the feature that will make iPhone 4S owners want to upgrade. The phone now supports LTE on the three main U.S. carriers: Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. That means much faster browsing speeds and app downloads than what people were used to with their 3G-only iPhones. The processor in the phone is also faster, which means you won’t be waiting around for much.



(c) Apple

Somehow Apple has figured out how to make the camera in its phone even better, while still keeping it so thin. The iSight camera now captures photos more quickly, has better low-light performance, and has a panorama mode.


iOS 6’s Maps and Passbook

(c) Apple

The new iPhone will ship with Apple’s new iOS 6 software (it will also be available for people with older phones on Sept. 19). There are more than five features we like in Apple’s new iOS 6 software, but the new Maps app is stunning. The app features turn-by-turn navigation and 3-D renditions of cities and buildings. There’s also Passbook, an app that aggregates all your coupons, tickets, and boarding passes.


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