MORE Photos Of The American Idol 12 Judges Panel!

Check out these new photos from the judges table, and the official Photo of the American Idol Judges.


The consensus on the judges:

Randy Jackson is leading the panel during the auditions. He queues the other judges to respond. “What did you think Mariah?”

Keith Urban is very down to earth.  He talks to the contestants he’s like sitting on his front porch.

Mariah Carey is quiet. Pithy, but brings a lot of insight to the panel. Many of the hopefuls are in awe of her.

Nicki Minaj is the  most colorful and talkative of the judges. She has insight, but her presentation is quirky and offbeat.  She makes hilarious faces.

There are no meanies on the panel. When they say “no” they do it in a nice way.

Also. There is definitely tension between Mariah and Nicki. They aren’t at each other’s throats, but their exchanges are catty. They argued over two contestants today. VIA


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