Survivor Philippines: Premiere Recap


I can’t believe it has been 25 seasons!  I’m a HUGE HUGE fan of this show since it’s started and I can’t believe they actually filmed their silver season in our own Philippine shores.  Such a proud moment.

As what I have said in a mini teaser I posted months back, Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst are bringing back three previous players who left the game due to medical reasons.

Th silver season kicked off with a massive view of the gorgeous archipelago, as well as several familiar creatures found in the country, such as the meek and wide-eyed Tarsier.  Survivor: Philippines introduced fifteen new castaways, including a former National League MVP Jeff Kent and former The Facts of Life star Lisa Welchel.

All of the new castaways line up on the island when Probst tell them that they will be joined by 3 returning castaways, and they are brought in on the boat.  Russell Swan (who was evacuated in Samoa due to severe dehydration and heart rate drop) was assigned to Matsing Tribe (Blue buff),  Jonathan Penner (who was evacuated in Fans VS Favorites due to a knee infection) was assigned to Kalabaw Tribe (Red Buff), and Michael Skupin (who was evacuated due to severe burns) was assigned to Tandang Tribe (Yellow buff).

Jeff then tells everyone to gather as many items they can in 60 seconds to help them back at camp.  And as soon as each team retreated to their respective camps, strategies come into play.  Over at the Kalabaw Tribe, Jeff (who had a little knee popping at the start of the game) tried to explain to the other tribe members that a returning castaway should not win Survivor.  In the Tandang tribe, Michael found himself in a middle of a four-way alliance (Skupin, Abi Maria, Pete, and RC)

Over at Matsing, Zane tries to control the game by making alliances to EVERYONE, then tells Malcolm that he has an alliance with the girls.  I think he’s trying to play the Russell Hantz card.  Well the other castaways knew better.  Stupid gameplay.

The First Immunity Challenge features a very Pinoy boat!  And the Immunity Idols look like a Sarimanok.  Cool!  In the end Matsing failed to keep up with the other tribes as they trailed behind and was sent to Tribal Council.

Before the Tribal Council, Zane (thinking that he controls the game) threw himself under the bus.  How stupid can you get?

Zane was the first person voted off the island.

I think, right off the bat, I am on Team Tandang.  I am so happy to see Michael Skupin from Australian Outback (Season 2) back in the game of Survivor!  And guess what, after all these years, Skupin still has it!  I hope he goes far.  I also like RC who does not want to be known as a Banker because she thinks being in the Wall Street industry has a bad connotation.  And I also like Lisa, the Facts Of Life child star though she has some should-I-tell-them-my-identity issues.  I always like those castaways who play the mother-role on Survivor (Dawn from South Pacific and Kathy from Marquesas).

I have a very STRONG feeling that Malcolm will go FAR.  He is STRATEGIC, SMART and his partnership/alliance with Sex Educator Denise seems pretty long-term.  I am keeping my eye on them.

On the other hand I relatively do not know anything about the Kalabaw Tribe.  But I hope Penner makes it far enough.


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