Survivor Philippines Episode 2 Recap: Don’t Get Blinded By The Headlights

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So far, Survivor: Philippines is off to a great start.  We are just in week 2 (Night 3 – Day 6 in Survivor days) and things are heating up!

After losing a tribe member, Russell thanks the tribe for keeping him instead of Zane.  He wants to change gears and take a backseat and vows to stay away from decision-making.  Later Roxy wakes up in the middle of night 3 only to find out Malcolm and Angie snuggling.  She vents out that couples in the game of Survivor is DANGEROUS as she wants to vote out Angie.

The next day, heavy downpour of nonstop rain is still coming down.  Over at Tandang camp, RC tries to check the rice if it’s been damped by the rain, and there she finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol.  She immediately shares the clue with Abi Maria.  Although she does not fully trust Abi, RC thinks that she could use a solid two-some at least in the tribe.  RC then tells Abi to keep the clue to themselves and not to share it with anyone including Michael and Pete, who are in their alliance.  Abi then confronts RC that she is uncomfortable seeing RC talking privately with Michael.  Wow some alliances are crumbling down early in the game, huh?

Over at Kalabaw tribe (the least interesting tribe for me), Jonathan is eager to find the Hidden Immunity Idol.  He already has the first clue that tells him that the idol can be found under your nose.  Waiting for a perfect timing, Jonathan was able to find the Hidden Immunity Idol!

At Tandang Tribe, Lisa the child star, feels like she’s on the outs.  Being exposed to showbiz life at an early age, she had to live alone and independent, with no social skills at all.  Poor Lisa, but this is a social game!  C’mon!

This week’s Immunity/Reward Challenge is a classic fetch puzzle, where teams must pull a sled to get the puzzle pieces, then two tribe member must solve the puzzle.

Tandang wins!  Kalabaw 2nd place!  Matsing heads to tribal council for twice in a row!  It’s a tough challenge and I hate to see Matsing losing yet again.  Russell flips out in frustration, saying that his tribe members do not have the fire and should think that they are unbeatable.

After the Immunity Challenge, Roxy scrambles and wants Angie out not because she is the weakest link, but Roxy is threatened with the Angie-Malcolm budding romance thing.  Roxy says Angie is a booby trap!  No puns.  On the other hand, Denise thinks that she is right smack in the middle of the tribe, the swing vote.

At the Tribal Council, Jeff Probst asks Roxy and Angie what they each would like to change about their tribe.  Roxy blatantly answers she would like the tribes to be less work-oriented at camp and reserve the energy for challenges (Is she serious?  She dug her own grave right there!).  Angie then answers the same question, with COOKIES!  Angie wants cookies for God’s sake!  Give her that!

Roxy is the second person voted off the island. Matsing Tribe is now down with 4 castaways left!

Two episodes in and I am on Team Tandang!  I also like the underdogs so I am also rooting for Matsing Tribe especially Malcolm, Angie and Denise.


3 thoughts on “Survivor Philippines Episode 2 Recap: Don’t Get Blinded By The Headlights”

  1. Could Matsing be any worse of a tribe, I mean everyone but Denise has made terrible decision after terrible decision since they got to the island. Their intrepid non-leader of Russell can’t seem to find what role he wants to play, and I expect he will be the next one to leave the island. I was talking to a coworker at DISH about the show, and she thought that they should have voted Angie out to break up the couple. I don’t agree because I think Roxy was just useless in the challenges, and that is what they need to focus on now. I will admit that I watched The X-Factor when this aired last night, but I was able to catch it off of a recording that my Hopper automatically made for Primetime Anytime. I love how I can keep up with all of the new shows on the broadcast networks without setting a million timers or worrying about space on my hard drive. I hope Matsing can avoid the tribal council next week because I want to see the other contestants squirm for a bit.

    1. Yeah I kind of root for Matsing now coz they are like the underdogs. I don’t really care much about Kalabaw Tribe. The only castaway that seems to be interesting over at Kalabaw is Penner. =)

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