Survivor Philippines Episode 3 Recap: This Isn’t A ‘We’ Game

(c) CBS

It’s week three and it seems like Matsing Tribe is on a downward spiral.  They are already down to just FOUR tribe members!

On day 7 at Tandang tribe, RC asks Abi to help her look for the hidden immunity idol.  Abi declines and tells RC that she’s tired and suffering from an injured knee.  And they just had another heated argument.  RC thinks that paranoia is getting the best out of Abi.  Abi just did not listen to RC’s reassurance, so RC walks away.  On the other hand Abi has lost her confidence with RC, so while RC and Michael are swimming in the ocean, Abi breaks their secret agreement of keeping the hidden immunity idol clue to themselves and tells Pete!  Abi is a sneaky snake!  Pete is happy with the development and he trusts Abi more now than the rest of his alliance with RC and Michael.  And Pete wants RC or Michael OUT now!  He then tells Lisa of the possibility of voting Skupin out, and of course Lisa wants to lay low and just go with the flow.  I am afraid Skupin and RC, though I love them both, are in deep trouble!

Over at Kalabaw tribe, Dana notices that the emblem on top of the box of rice is gone.  Jeff, Carter, and Dawson think that the emblem might be the hidden immunity idol.  Jeff then suspects that Jonathan might be the one who found it.

At Matsing tribe, Denise finds out that their raft has been washed away.  Bummer.  What’s happening to this tribe?!

The Immunity/Reward Challenge looks simple but of course it does not.  A tribe member must dive underwater to retrieve a piece of a puzzle wheel.  One puzzle wheel is deeper than the next so as you retrieve one piece at a time, the next one goes deeper and deeper.  Once a tribe has collected the eight puzzle wheels, they will use them to form the word TREASURE.  Sadly at the beginning of the challenge, Matsing is off to a slow slow start as Angie fails to sink her head underwater, just to retrieve the very first piece!  But I must say, Denise and Malcolm are killing it, especially Denise!  She is like a workhorse diving!  However, Russell appears like he just could not do the challenge.  Over at Tandang tribe, Skupin once again gets an injury as the goggles he was wearing smashed on his face while diving face first!  Skupin is bleeding but he manages to dive again for more puzzle pieces.  In the end, Matsing could not keep up with the other tribes and loses a 3rd challenge in a row.  This is so devastating!

After winning immunity, Kalabaw heads back to camp.  Jonathan is nervous about Jeff so he finds time to talk to him privately and admitted that he has the hidden immunity idol, just to earn Jeff’s trust.  The talk ended up with what Jeff calls as a “Four Finger Handshake” because he still does not trust Penner.  So it’s going to be a mind game over at Kalabaw tribe.  Interesting.

At the Tribal Council, Malcolm is disappointed with the tribe.  Angie is worried that she might be voted out tonight. But even though she was slow, Angie thinks that she did not give up like Russell did in the challenge.  Russell defends himself and explains that he did not give up. He stopped and let somebody else that could do the task take over. He feels for all future challenges that he has more to offer his tribe than Angie. Russell says, “Life experience, intellectual capability, physical capability to me the choice is clear.” He then reminds Angie that she was exhausted after just bringing back one puzzle piece.

Angie is the third person voted out of the tribe.

WOW.  I am for the underdogs, so I am rooting for Matsing Tribe from here on.  Though I also like Tandang, the mere fact that they want Michael out this early freaks me out.  Kalabaw tribe is getting interesting more now than the past weeks.  I am genuinely worried for the returning castaways!


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