In Hindsight: James Morrison – The Awakening Tour Live In Manila 2012

When I first heard of the news that James Morrison is having a concert in Singapore I was so overly delighted and wanted to buy tickets right away.  Then they added a concert date for the Philippines and I was thinking back and forth whether to watch it here or there.  However, certain devastating thing happened that I had to set the concert plan aside.  I guess God has a different plan for me.  Anyway to cut the story short, I wasn’t able to go to Singapore as planned, but I was so lucky that my best friend bought me tickets for the concert, and as a birthday gift!  Hooray!

I may sound like a broken record, but yeah, I want to say that I am a HUGE fan of James Morrison.  He is my idol.  I’ve always wanted to watch his concerts.  One entry in my bucket list is to watch him perform live.  And now I am so happy that I can check that one out of my list!  Well, not really, because after watching him perform live for two hours or so plus an encore, I still wanted more!  I think I won’t get tired listening to him.

Here is the setlist of his Manila concert:

Photo Courtesy of Dayly Entertainment

The concert started at around 9 PM.  The crowd went wild once James took the stage!  I was crazy loud like a little kid and was in total awe that I just could not believe that I was actually seeing him on stage LIVE.  It’s more like an out-of-body experience, and I am not kidding.

He is a great soul singer and a spectacular musician, but watching him live was another level of excitement for me.  I knew from the first beat what song he’s playing, but once he started singing the song, it brought me to a different place.  I knew every single word to his songs, so I was also busy singing along, just like everybody else in the audience.  When he sang In My Dreams, which he wrote for his dad, I was moved to tears.

I was pleasantly surprised when he sang I Won’t Let You Go earlier on, and I nearly died.  Then he sang Up with his back-up singer Beverlei Brown to the crowd’s amazement.  From the celebratory opener Beautiful Life to his reggae sampling All Around The World, to his perfect-church-song Precious Love, every time he opens his mouth to sing, I got goose bumps.  I was highly anticipating hearing his song Slave To The Music and finally when he performed it, I was flabbergasted.

I think one of the greatest highlights of the show was when James performed his smash hit Broken Strings.  James performed the acoustic solo version of the song, which I also have in my iPod.  He was only accompanied by a piano and his own strumming that brought out his soulful, stunning voice.

Somewhere in the middle of the concert he said, while pointing to his heart “You guys, my audience, yes. I’m feeling that.  So I just I want to say a big massive genuine thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody that’s come to see me play.”  He also shared that he did not have any idea that so many people in the Philippines like his music, and that he never thought he would come here to perform.  When he sang his very first hit You Give Me Something, the audience went crazy loud, then he went back for an encore and he sang Under The Influence (the first track from his first album! Haha), The Awakening, and his other signature song Wonderful World.  He introduced his band mates, as well as the rest of the tour team for this is the last leg of his world tour.  They all did the last bow and they received a standing ovation from the satisfied audience.

His concert, obviously, was so AMAZING in my book.  I think he is one of the greatest soul singers of this generation, and one of the most underrated artists in the music industry.  Pardon me, but He is truly fucking awesome!  He is rare gem.  There is something about his music that speaks volumes and hits you in your inner core.  Whenever I am lonely and in need of some reassurance and some emotional hideaway, I just pop in my iPod and listen to his music.  From all the terrible things happening in my life, watching James Morrison live helped bring back my sanity and gave me my own dose of awakening that it’s a beautiful life.


(If I have said something incorrectly, I apologize, I was just overwhelmed with the whole experience and could not get my head together. LOL)


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