Survivor Philippines Episode 4 Recap: Create A Little Chaos

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For the hardcore Survivor fans I have a question: Is Matsing the new Ulong?  Haha!  Anyway, Matsing tribe is down with just three castaways and their morale is at the lowest low.  What’s worse is how they were treated by our Philippine weather!  The rain just doesn’t know how to stop and their fire has gone out.  Malcolm tries to restart the fire but he fails.  In the end, Malcolm, Russell, and Denise decide to eat cold, raw rice.  From all of these hardships, Russell stresses that the tribe MUST have a heroic comeback.

Over at Tandang tribe, everyone was surprised to see lying next to RC’s bag a piece of paper, which Pete confirms as the clue to the hidden immunity idol!  Damn!  Both RC and Abi were shocked!  RC says that she has no idea how the clue got there.  RC has no choice but to share the clue to the rest of the tribe.    Even though she has the idol already, Abi is furious because she thinks RC is so reckless to just lay the clue for everyone to see.  What the girls don’t know is that, Pete is the one who planted everything, to create some paranoia and chaos among the tribe members!  Nice job Pete!  I also love to see Lisa playing the mother of the tribe! Haha!  I think the RC-Abi friendship is over.  RC tries to talk with Abi but Abi is very hesitant.  RC is now paranoid that she might be in the chopping block.

At Kalabaw Tribe, thinking that Penner has the upper hand because he already has the hidden immunity idol, Jeff adapts and solidifies his alliance with Jonathan, regardless whether he is a Survivor veteran or not.  Jonathan then extends the alliance of two to three as he forms a threeway alliance with Carter.  While the boys are out, Dana, Dawson and Katie are fishing on a lake, thinking that the boys are probably talking about voting out the girls.  So the girls decide to stick together.  So it’s going to be a classic Boys Vs Girls huh?

The Immunity/Reward Challenge is at the highest stake, especially for Matsing.  If they lose this particular challenge, they will be down with 2 castaways!  Go Matsing!  The challenge: one tribe member must carry two pots of rice on a bamboo pole thru an obstacle course.  Once a tribe has collected 6 pots of rice, one tribe member must shatter all of the pots with  a wrecking ball.  The challenge starts with Matsing in the lead!  Thank God!  Trailing behind last place is Kalabaw.  In one of the most intense challenges to date, Kalabaw picks up the pace and by the time when all of the tribes are at the wrecking phase of the challenge, every tribe is neck and neck!  Tandang finishes first, and with just one pot left, I am at the edge of my seat, then BAM!  Matsing loses again!  Crap that is so devastating!

Back at camp, Malcolm says, “I can say personally, my lowest low was after the challenge today.” Man, who wouldn’t?  Oh well, Denise and Malcolm, for me, are solid, so I am kind of sure who will go home.  The editing looked like the production team still wants suspense.  I was right.

Russel is the FOURTH castaway voted off the island, 1st of the returning castaways.

Oh crap.  HOWEVER, I think next week, everything will turn full circle.  We still don’t know whether Malcolm and Denise, the last two castaways of Matsing, will be separated and absorbed by the other two tribes, or will disappear like Ulong.  What i feel is that Malcolm and Denise will be a force to be reckoned with when the Merge comes, and I think they will reach that part of the season.  So far my favorites of the season are Malcolm, Denise, Skupin, and Lisa! Haha!


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