Survivor Philippines Episode 5 Recap: ‘Got My Swag Back’

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On night 10, Malcolm and Denise head back to Matsing tribe after their last tribal council.  I could not believe that they are the last two in the tribe, and two of my favorite castaways at the start of the season, aside from Skupin and (probably) Lisa.  The next morning they look for the hidden immunity idol.  It’s almost funny to watch the castaways searching for the idol, with the cameraman zooming in to the actual idol, while Malcolm and Denise pass over it.  Alas, Malcolm finds it!  Go Matsing!  Finding the idol may help Matsing boost its morale and win a challenge!

Then Matsing tribe is dissolved.

With a simple random draw of buffs before the Reward Challenge, Malcolm is now part of Tandang Tribe while Denise joins Kalabaw.  The Reward Challenge is a duel between tribe members one-on-one.  While holding a small pedestal with a small statue on top of it, the goal is to knock off the opponent’s statue to the ground.  The MVP of the challenge is Michael Skupin HANDS-DOWN. He tosses his own idol high enough, then knocks off Jonathan’s idol to the ground.  Best move ever!  In the end, Tandang wins a bunch of sweet pastries and cookies as Reward.

Tandang welcomes Malcolm with arms wide open.  Malcolm immediately becomes the apple of everyone’s eyes!  Malcolm is ecstatic with his Survivor rebirth, saying, “I got an immunity idol this morning and a new tribe in the afternoon and I feel like I got my swag back.”  Everybody is so keen in making a bond and/or alliance with Malcolm!  RC, which is already in the minority (because of her feud with Abi and all those chaos last episode), tries to woo Malcolm, as she hugs him after creating a fire.  On the other hand, Pete wants Malcolm to be in their alliance and then reveals that he and Abi have the hidden immunity idol.  Malcolm is completely delighted to find these several information, things that might help him pass through the cracks of the Tandang tribe.

Over at Kalabaw tribe, Katie is glad that Denise joined their tribe because Denise can be a great addition to the all-women alliance.  Unfortunately, Dana has not felt good all day and now she feels worse.  She keeps on puking, feeling cold and nauseated, with a sharp pain in her stomach.  Jeff Probst goes to Kalabaw to check on Dana.  The doctor tells Jeff that Dana can still continue with the game but they will monitor her if she gets better for the next twelve hours.  So Jeff tells Dana that it’s up to her whether to go on or leave the game.

Dana decides to go home and becomes the 5th person to leave Survivor.  Aww.  I hope this is the last of the medical evacuations in Survivor, it’s sad to see someone go due to medical reasons.

Now on with the Immunity Challenge.  The tribes will race through a series of obstacles and then untie knots to release a drawbridge. One person will then chop a rope to release bamboo puzzle pieces. The tribe will then race to find the pieces with letters on them and use them to solve a word phrase, “Live to play another day.”  Abi-Maria once again sits out for the challenge.  She has done 2 challenges so far?  She’s becoming a pain in the a*s in my book.  At the beginning of the challenge, Katie drags everyone down at Kalabaw, while Tandang looks like they are sailing through the challenge.  Kalabaw picks up the pace and the opposing tribes are neck-and-neck down to the last second.  Tandang wins immunity!

Back at Kalabaw camp, Katie apologizes to everyone for her poor challenge performance.  The boys (Penner, Jeff, and Carter) are switching back and forth either to vote Katie off because of the challenge, or to vote Dawson instead.  Jeff does the best move so far, as he invites Denise to join the boys’ alliance.  Denise is pleased and accepts the offer.  Yes Denise is finally in the majority of the tribe!  At the Tribal Council, Jonathan stresses that Kalabaw would have won the Immunity challenge if Dana was not sick and still part of the game.  It was not clear for me who will go home at this time, and with a classic Blindside fashion…

Dawson is the sixth person to leave Survivor.

Will the formidable Malcolm-Denise twosome last long enough?  I have a feeling that they will.  At first I personally thought that Malcolm and Denise would be an easy vote because they are in the outs coming in to their new tribes, but I am so happy that not only they have become great additions to Tandang and Kalabaw, they also play key roles in the social aspect of the Survivor game.  I think we will be seeing more of both Malcolm and Denise in the coming weeks, up until the finale.


One thought on “Survivor Philippines Episode 5 Recap: ‘Got My Swag Back’”

  1. I am also a big fan of both Malcolm and Denise, and I was really happy to see them welcomed into the other tribes. In the end it may be better that they were split because they may have been seen as a threat if they were both in the same tribe. I think that they are pretty safe for now, and I am hoping that they make it all the way to be the final two. I missed the show because I was working late at DISH last night, but thankfully my Hopper recorded it for Primetime Anytime. I love how I can keep up with all of my favorite shows on the four major networks without having to worry about storage space on my hard drive. Kalabaw really needs to win immunity next week or they might find themselves in the same position as Matsing was.

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