Survivor Philippines Episode 6 Recap: Down And Dirty

Day 14 at Kalabaw tribe, Katie thinks she’s the weakest link in the tribe, but she still wants to work on her magic and stay in the game.  While the boys are on the beach, Katie and Denise are inside the camp.  Katie tells Denise that she wants to vote out Jonathan next.

Over at Tandang tribe, Michael wants to cook rice for breakfast.  However Abi tells the tribe that they already have a low supply of rice and wants to skip breakfast to last longer days with rice.  Pete blames Skupin for the rice problem because Michael keeps on eating the rice raw when they couldn’t get fire.  Pete thinks that Mike is the most useless returning castaway ever.  Michael then suggests to just cook a cup of rice for everyone to share, but Abi refuses.  Even Artis is pissed off with Skupin.  Aww poor Michael he is in danger!  He is doing the Survivor game the old style, I guess?

(c) CBS

The Reward Challenge is very Pinoy I must say.  It’s too Pinoy, the Philippine franchise of Survivor (GMA) has already done this particular challenge before and at the exact spot!  Three members from each tribe will race over a mud field to a large wicker ball, then they will do whatever they can to bring the ball to their goals.  So basically this is a very physical and dirty challenge.  The Reward is an afternoon picnic (sandwiches, sodas, soup, chips and brownies).  In the first round, Michael, Pete, and Lisa from Tandang will battle against Jonathan, Carter, and Denise from Kalabaw.  The challenge appears to be an even match!  So evenly matched that for the whole hour, the ball is stuck in the middle of the course and the players are covered with mud, exhausted, and pinned against the ball and down the muddy field.  I really admire Denise and Lisa at this point, they are both physically strong!  After an hour without progress, Jonathan and Michael start negotiating.  Michael proposes that Tandang will give Kalabaw the reward, in exchange for all of Kalabaw’s rice supply.  Jonathan is not worried with the proposal because they have the boat, snorkel, and spear that they can use to catch fish.  He asks the rest of the Kalabaw tribe if they will accept the offer and they all agree.  Michael also asks his tribe members about the offer, everyone except Abi and Artis agrees to it.  Abi and Artis tell Michael to do what he wants.  Eventually Michael accepts the deal, so in an unprecedented turn of events, Kalabaw wins the Reward Challenge in exchange of rice.

What Tandang doesn’t know is that, together with the picnic, Kalabaw is also rewarded with letters from home.  Denise says, “Coming to this reward, it’s motivational fuel, it’s emotional fuel, that makes any rice we gave up totally worth it.”  Jonathan also thinks that he feels good about the deal he made with Tandang.

Over at Tandang, Abi, Artis, and Pete are all pissed with MIchael’s decision.  Huh?  I don’t think Michael solely made that decision.  Abi wanted Michael to do the decision himself and now she is very vocal with how stupid the deal was?  C’mon Abi.  She is definitely getting on my nerves!  Lisa thinks that the tribe is now divided because of the rice issue, while RC and Malcolm feel good with the decision of leaving Kalabaw tribe with no rice at all.  Look at the different perspectives of the tribe.  I think I’m on the Skupin-Malcolm-RC side.

In the Immunity Challenge, one member will catapult a ball out into the field while the other tribe members will try to catch it.  First tribe to catch five balls wins.  Again Abi sits on the Immunity Challenge and I think even Jeff Probst is not happy at Abi right now.  For me Abi is a dead weight.  Anyway, Jeff does great with catching balls as Kalabaw leads 4-1.  Well Jeff is at his comfort zone obviously because he is a baseball player.  However, Malcolm is the one who does tremendously well with this challenge as he brings his tribe for another Immunity win!

Back at camp, Jeff and Carter weigh on the possible boot.  They want to keep Denise because she’s really that strong.  So it’s between Katie and Jonathan.  As they weigh on the options, Jonathan joins the two and with a dumb move, Carter asks Jonathan, “So, is it going to be Katie, OR PENNER?  I mean Katie or Denise?”  HAHAHA!  Stupid stupid stupid, but very very funny!  Then Katie joins the group and Jonathan  quickly tells her to vote for Katie.  Of course Katie gets so suspicious.  So up until the tribal council, I have no clue who will go home, but I have this bad feeling that Jonathan will be voted off.

The Tribal Council was very tricky.  Katie plays her loyalty card.  Jonathan wishes that he won’t be blindsided tonight, but if that happens, he would respect and understand that it’s just a part of the game.  Jeff Probst then asks Jeff if he has played a game like Survivor before.  Oh no!  Jeff admits that SURVIVOR is unlike any other game and is so complicated because you have to vote off people that you have come to like.  Phew!  I think I just pooped my pants!  Haha!

Katie is the seventh person to leave Survivor Philippines.

Damn I was scared because I thought they’d pull a blindside on Jonathan!  I think it would’ve been better if they voted off Penner this early, because with a mind and experience like Penner’s, he might be more difficult to get rid off in the long run.  Still, I am relieved and happy for Jonathan.

And based on the preview for next week, it seems like a MERGE is happening.  With the division over at Tandang Tribe, I think Denise and Malcolm will bring Skupin, RC, Lisa, and probably Jeff together to form a power alliance.  This is going to be very interesting and downright dirty.


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