X Factor USA’s Lylas To Change Their Name Because Of Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars’ LYLAS
X Factor USA’s LYLAS

TMZ is reporting that X Factor USA manufactured group Lylas is scrambling to change their name, because they were threatened by Bruno Mars’ sisters of the same group name.

Bruno’s 4 female siblings make up the girl band, The Lylas … an R&B singing group that also happens to have a major modeling deal in the Philippines. Translation — they’re super hot.

Problem is … there’s another group of singing chicks calling themselves The Lylas … and they’re currently kicking ass on “X Factor.” In fact, Simon recently chose them to compete on his team.

When Bruno’s sisters found out about the other band of Lylas … they were pissed … and trashed the “X Factor” Lylas all over the web, claiming the new Lylas hijacked their name.

Sources connected to “X Factor” tell us … the contestants were shocked by the accusations … and insist they weren’t trying to hijack the name. They simply didn’t realize someone else had already laid claim to it.

Now, we’re told … the “X Factor” girls are getting ready to wave the white flag — with one source telling us they’re already brainstorming ideas for a new name.

Well, the girls from X Factor must do something quickly and change their name because the Live Shows are underway.  Do something fast Simon Cowell!


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