Survivor Philippines Episode 7 Recap: ‘I’m Not The Only Actor On This Island!’

(c) CBS

It’s Episode 7 and day 17 on the island and Denise has been to every Tribal Council since day 1!

At Tandang Tribe, Michael tells everyone that at exactly the same day (day 17) 24 seasons ago (Survivor The Australian Outback), that he was medically evacuated from the game because he fell onto the fire.  Mike then points out to everyone that they all now at the same level of experience.  After that Artis notices a boat approaching the camp.  A note from the boat-guy tells everyone that it’s time for the MERGE and they all only have 10 minutes to pack their things!  Same thing happens to the other tribe.  So both tribes scramble to gather all their belongings.  Malcolm digs his hidden immunity and hids it in his bag very quickly.  Kalabaw tribe decides to keep their remaining four members tight and alive, while at the same time Denise will also try to reconnect with her only original ally Malcolm.

And the tribes MERGE.

Of course everyone is in a celebratory mode.  After the feast, the real game begins.  Tandang wants to keep their tribe strong and solid, but we all know RC and Skupin are at the bottom of Tandang tribe, so everything is out in the open.

The very lovable mother-figure of this season–Lisa–decides to hang up all their clothes for everyone.  She gets Malcolm’s clothes in his bag and finds out Malcolm’s hidden immunity idol!  Haha!  She immediately confesses it with Malcolm and promises not to tell everyone.  In short, Lisa suddenly becomes a third wheel with the Malcolm-Denise tandem!  I love this turn of events!  However Lisa still wants to keep her head up, because she thinks she’s not the only actor on the island!  The next morning Lisa goes out swimming with Jonathan.  Jonathan reveals to Lisa that he actually knows Lisa from Facts Of Life.  Uh-oh!  Lisa tells Jonathan that it’s a good feeling to participate in a game she loves while she remains unrecognizable.  Jonathan thinks that Lisa is a very cool person inside and out.

Later that day, Jonathan and Michael strategize.  Jonathan thinks that the veteran castaways are the most vulnerable at this point in the game.  Jonathan assures Mike that he has a strong alliance with the rest of the Kalabaw members, and if Skupin joins in, Kalabaw+Skupin alliance will be stronger.  Mike then asks RC about the possible jumping over the alliance.  RC still feels insecure with the option.  So everything is still out in the open.

What Jonathan does not know, Jeff starts to talk with Pete and he wants to join any alliances as long as they get rid of the veterans first.  The conversation ends up with Malcolm’s idea of distributing votes to RC and Jonathan in order to flush any hidden immunity idols.

The Immunity Challenge is all about endurance.  One man and one woman who will manage to hold on to a rope handle the longest win.  Sounds easy right?  However, the rope handle is connected to a bucket that carries 25% of the player’s body weight.  In the end, Carter and DENISE win Immunity.

At the Tribal Council, I’m still clueless on the possible outcome of the votes.  It’s anybody’s ball game I must say.  To cut the story short, Jonathan uses his hidden immunity idol because he thinks he is vulnerable.  It’s a very good move because Malcolm’s plan (with Jeff, Pete and the others) of splitting the votes does happen, giving the other half of the votes to RC.

RC is the eight person to leave Survivor Philippines.

Aww poor RC.  I like her since the beginning.  I like her as much as I hate ABI.  Abi is a total b*tch!  RC and Skupin should’ve solidified Jonathan’s proposed alliance with the Kalabaw four, but even the Kalabaw four alliance is crumbling down!  Whatever the case, I’m still rooting for Michael, Lisa, Malcolm and Denise.  I hope they’d do something quick and totally demolish the alliance of Pete, Artis, and Abi.


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