Survivor Philippines Episode 8 Recap: Dead Man Walking


On night 19 after the last tribal council, Jonathan is upset for almost being voted out.  Good thing he played his immunity idol.  I admire Penner for being matured and smart enough and just be calm about his alliance’s betrayal.  I thought he would do a Troyzan burst!  Anyway, Michael tells Jonathan that there are some cracks in the Tandang tribe and he is willing to align with Penner to stay alive in the game.

The next day, thinking that the returning castaways should be the next ones to go, Lisa and Jeff plan to vote out Artis, Abi, and Pete, the three power players of the game, next.  At the Reward Challenge, the tribe will divide into two.  One member must swim out and clip a rope to a buoy while the other team members will pull the buoy and that one member back to shore.  Once the four fish traps have been retrieved, one member must dig to get a key.  The key unlocks a puzzle frame and two people from each tribe will next use the puzzle scrolls to solve the puzzle.  The reward is a cruise getaway through a jungle with lots of food.  The yellow team consists of Malcolm, Lisa, Denise, Jonathan, and Jeff.  The opposing blue team consists of Abi, Michael, Pete, Artis, and Carter.  Yellow team wins!

The losing team heads back to camp.  Carter asks Abi who are in her alliance and Abi stupidly answers that Pete, Artis, Lisa and herself make up her alliance.  Trying to leash his dog, Pete confronts Abi and tells her that they should eliminate Kalabaw first and keep Michael for awhile.  I don’t like Abi and I don’t think I will ever like her.  I want her gone!  At the cruise reward, Lisa warns Malcolm, Jeff, Denise, and Jonathan that if they cross to the evil ones (Artis, Abi, Pete), they will vote you out.  I really like the people in this cruise reward because they are the good ones, plus Skupin and Carter.  Jonathan dislikes people that bully others and tells the group that he would like to see one of them or Carter win instead. He assures them that he has no chance of winning, but offers help to keep the good ones in the game.  Lisa thinks it is noble, but she thinks that it is not ideal in the game of Survivor (which I agree).  To get more votes to win the game, one must be in the final three with the undeserving ones.

The next day (day 22), Lisa finalizes her thoughts that the original Tandang tribe must unite and stay solid.  So she talks with Michael and then the unthinkable happens: Lisa leaks to Michael that Malcolm has the hidden immunity idol.  She then tells Michael that after voting Jonathan out, original Tandang must then vote Malcolm next.  But what if Jonathan wins immunity?  That’s a bigger problem.

The Immunity Challenge brings the castaways to a rope obstacle.  One must collect bags of puzzle pieces along the way.  The first three to finish will move on to the final round.  In the final round, they will use the puzzle piece to solve a snake puzzle.  Pete, Jeff, and surprise surprise, Jonathan move on to the final round.  At the final round, Jonathan comes back from behind and finishes the puzzle first!  JONATHAN WINS IMMUNITY!

Back at camp, everyone is scrambling, but the one who is scrambling the most is LISA.  At first it is clear that Michael is on the outs.  Lisa then talks with Pete privately and tells him that Malcolm has the hidden immunity idol.  Lisa, what have you done?!  You made everyone scramble at a crucial part of the game!  Haha!  Lisa wants to blindside Malcolm.  Because Pete trusts Malcolm, he confronts the latter.  Malcolm is obviously stunned.  Thank God Pete misinterprets Malcolm’s initial reaction as fear that he’s going to be voted out over a lie, which is not the case, since Malcolm actually does have the idol.  Out of nowhere, Pete and Malcolm decide to vote Jeff off.  Over at the shelter, Jeff overhears his name and becomes worried.  Malcolm tells Jeff that both their names have been tossed around.  After last minute scrambling, Jeff and Malcolm gathered Michael, Denise, Carter, and Jonathan to get six enough votes and they all decide to vote Pete instead!  Up until the last minute, everyone is scrambling, damn it.

Tribal Council is soo crazy.  Michael admits that he felt at risk of elimination, once Jonathan won the immunity challenge.  I feel bad for the returning players this season.  They are like sitting ducks.  Malcolm points out that Lisa threw him under the bus.  Lisa admits it and explains that she did it to protect Michael and to keep the original Tandang tribe strong, therefore eliminating Malcolm.  Stupid Abi thinks that Lisa made a mistake of mixing things up and stresses out their alliance consists of Lisa, Artis, Pete and herself, EXCLUDING Malcolm.  Stupid Abi tries to rephrase her last statement, but Jeff Probst stresses out that it’s kinda too late.  Abi tells everyone that Malcolm is more trustworthy than her original Tandang members Michael and RC (eliminated last week).  Everything is a mess!  Malcolm then decides to show everyone his idol and assures them that he will play it tonight, so that he will not be going home. BAM!  Nice one Malcolm!  Jeff Probst then asks if anyone else would like to reveal an idol. Out of nowhere, stupid Abi then pulls out her idol!  How stupid can you be?  In the end, Jonathan offers a proposal to the old Kalabaw tribe (Jeff, Carter, Denise) to join forces with Michael and Malcolm to take control of the game.  Lisa counters with her own plan b of keeping the Tandang tribe strong and maintain the majority.  AH I can’t take it anymore!  This tribal council is a lot of fun and drama!

Jeff Kent is the ninth person to leave Survivor Philippines.

WOW.  What an explosive episode, I must say, and the Tribal Council is probably one of the most complicated and entertaining councils ever.  Malcolm and Stupid Abi did not use their hidden immunity idols.  Jeff received 5 votes, Pete with 4, and Abi with 1.  So Abi, Pete, Artis, Lisa, and Michael all voted for Jeff, while Denise, Jeff, Malcolm, and Carter voted Pete.  Jonathan wasted his vote on Abi.  Had Jonathan sided with Kalabaw and voted Pete, there would have been a tie, and a different outcome.  Jeff Probst tells everyone that the vote was one of the most blown opportunities in the history of Survivor.  Malcolm did a very smart move to reveal his immunity idol and still be able to keep it after the revelation!  The tribe is stupid enough to miss this opportunity to get rid of Malcolm and the idol.  The revelation also led stupid Abi to stupidly reveal her own immunity idol!  Again, Malcolm did a pretty smart play!


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