Survivor Philippines Episode 9 Recap: Little Miss Perfect

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In this week’s episode of Survivor we get to experience the aftermath of the CRAZY tribal council last time wherein Jeff was eliminated.  As soon as the Dangrayne Tribe comes back to camp, everyone is in shock.  I was so sad to see Jeff go, but I am also glad that it’s not Michael, and I love Lisa for protecting and saving Michael.  Stupid Bitch Abi-Maria accuses Michael for voting for her when in fact it was Jonathan.  Jonathan then confronts Abi about it.

Jonathan then talks with Carter about who voted for Jeff.  Jonathan thinks that had he voted for Pete instead of Abi, it would have been a tie, and Jeff could have been potentially saved.  I agree.  I think Jonathan is smart enough to think about not wasting a vote.

Malcolm then talks to Lisa.  Lisa feels really upset about throwing Malcolm under the bus, betraying him in the process.  Aww I also feel bad for Lisa.  I think she is cracking under the pressure of the game.  Malcolm assures her that it’s okay because she was just playing the game. Lisa thanks Malcolm for being so understanding.  Damn I love Malcolm and Lisa!

The next morning, Penner starts thinking strategy.  Thinking that once the five remaining Tandang members vote together he’s next to go, Penner has to break the alliance first.  And because Penner thinks that Tandang 5 consists of 2 Christian players (Lisa and Michael) and three BULLIES (Artis, Pete, and Abi), he plans to work on LIsa and Skupin’s hearts.  Jonathan then reassures Lisa and compliments her bold moves.  Penner tells Lisa that because she used to be a child star, and being a child star she is inclined to please people, and when she does not, she tends to feel depressed.  Lisa appreciates Jonathan’s concern.  What a way to creep into the alliance Mr. Penner, but I think he is 30% strategy and 70% of being genuine to Lisa.  A very heartfelt conversation.

The tribe arrives on a palayan (rice field) for the Reward Challenge.  The tribe is divided into two teams.  One member must crawl through a muddy water, climb through an obstacle, retrieve a bag of balls by digging under the mud, then crawl through a pit full of rice.  Then the next member goes.  Once a team has collected 4 bags, they will shoot the balls into a funnel-like basket.  Yellow team consists of Lisa, Michael, Pete, and Artis while Red team consists of Jonathan, Malcolm, Denise, and Carter.  Stupid Bitch Abi was not picked for the challenge, bad for her, terrific for the viewers.  Haha!  Anyway, Michael and Jonathan are first in line.  Michael flies through the obstacle, however Jonathan plays it smart and outwits Skupin for digging the bags out of the mud to make it easier for the other team members to retrieve.  The strategy pays off as Blue Team wins!

The reward is a trip to a local barrio where they will bring school supplies and toys to the kids.  In return they will be treated to a feast.  I think this is a proud moment for the Philippines because us, Filipinos, are featured for being hospitable and jovial with this admirable familial quality.  Even Malcolm, Denise, Carter, and Jonathan appreciate our hospitality.  Jonathan comments, “It seems to be the happiest community I’ve every walked into.”  Malcolm is especially moved with the whole experience.  Over feast, they talk strategy of pulling Skupin and Lisa to their group to move on with the game.

Back at camp, the Tandang 5 also talk strategy.  Pete thinks he is stuck with Michael just to keep the numbers, but he feels fine about sticking with the group he started Survivor with.  Abi tells Lisa to vote for Jonathan next and warns her not to be a double agent.  Lisa tries to explain, but stupid bitch Abi interrupts her, saying, “I understand what you’re saying, but your’e just too gullible and naive.”  Say what Abi?  You already understand Lisa without even trying to hear what Lisa has to say?  Wow.  I think Abi is so qualified to be a part of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains 2.  I feel bad for Skupin and Lisa.  Pete and Abi are treating them like chess pieces.

For the immunity challenge, one must balance a paddle.  Then they will roll a ball and attempt to place it on the six spots.  This challenge is over faster than expected as Michael rolls all six balls in place and wins immunity.

Back at camp, Denise plans to vote off Artis because she thinks Abi is stupidly greedy enough to give her immunity idol to someone, or if she does it would most likely be Pete.  Carter and Malcolm agree.  Meanwhile Jonathan tries to convince Lisa and Michael to vote with them.   He points out to Lisa that the viewers will not think badly of her if she sides with the good guys versus the bullies.  Lisa and Michael try to strategize privately.  Lisa thinks that she is certainly considering the possible switch, thinking that if she is loyal to a group that is no longer loyal to her, then what is the point.  I completely agree.

At the Tribal Council, Lisa admits that she is surprised with the understanding she received after her bold moves from last tribal council.  She tells Jeff Probst that people outside her alliance were the more appreciative than her own alliance.  Abi of course is offended.  Stupid stupid Abi try to appeal to her original Tandang Tribe to stick together, but admits that she is not sure about Lisa.  Is that a proper way to treat an alliance?  The turnout of votes leaves me at the edge of my seat!  Four votes for Jonathan, Four votes for Artis, with one vote left!

Artis is the tenth person to leave Survivor Philippines, third Jury member.

I was jumping up and down!  I thought Lisa flipped like Michael so I’m kiinda surprised with the votes.  But THANK GOD the trio of bullies has been broken!!!  Honestly this season is CRAZY and I definitely love it!


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