Nicholas David – Lean On Me [The Voice Top 10]

The unconventional Twin Cities singer offers his take on Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me.”

Damn. AMAZING vocals! That voice! WOW.  I think he has gone from a dark horse underdog, to this season’s front runner!


3 thoughts on “Nicholas David – Lean On Me [The Voice Top 10]”

    1. It is a shame that the show biz world has turned “star quality” to mean you have to be a perfect Barbie or Ken – seems everyone is now suppose to judge the book by the cover – with this condition we would never have heard Jonie Mitchell, Niel Young, Bob Dylan, or for that matter the entire band of the Rolling Stones. How about some substance instead of false fronts?

      1. Yeah I agree with you. It saddens me about this reality. Gone are the days when talent is far more important than face value. I hope The Voice (remember they are the pioneers for ‘Blind Auditions’) would change the norm.

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