Survivor Philippines Episode 10 Recap: ‘Whiners Are Weiners’

(c) CBS

After the last tribal council, Abi and Pete just turned from a trio of bullies (with Artis as the third) to 2 sitting ducks.  Stupid Abi whines about the result of the last tribal council and is disappointed that the old Tandang tribe is not solid anymore.  Meanwhile, Jonathan, Denise, and Michael celebrate their successful plan of breaking up the alliance of the three bullies.  Michael thinks that voting off Artis is his very first bold move of the game.  Michael and Denis agree that it is going to be them, Malcolm, Jonathan, Carter, and Lisa for the final six.

The next morning (day 26), Abi talks with Lisa and asks her if she will flip over to the majority and join the others.  Lisa admits that she is not good at break-ups, but she manages to tell Stupid Abi that she can no longer be in an alliance with her, because she doesn’t feel trusted.  After several exchanges, Abi gives up and wishes Lisa luck.

At the Reward Challenge, the tribe is divided into two teams.  Each team will have a total of three drums, one in each circle.  One member will race to flip their team’s drums in each circle to score a point, while the opposing team will try to flip their own drum and work against the other team by turning their symbols down.  It’s a bit complicated challenge I must say.  First team to three wins reward which is a Spa day for the winners that includes a bath, massage, pedicure, manicure, and a feast.  Red team consists of Carter, Abi, Pete, and Malcolm, while the oldies (Denise, Jonathan, Michael, Lisa) comprise the Yellow team.  With a couple of errors from both teams, the Red team wins reward.

At the spa reward, Malcolm overruns everyone and suggests that they just enjoy the reward and not talk strategy.  Good move for him because Malcolm does not want any more moves that could possibly ruin his own plans of committing with the other four castaways sitting back at camp.  On the other hand, it’s a stupid move for both Pete and Abi for not trying to form a new pact with Carter and Malcolm at this crucial stage of the game.

As soon as Abi-Maria, Pete, Carter and Malcolm came back from the reward, Stupid Abi boasts the details of the spa reward.  I don’t know what is in her mind.  She just keeps on going on and on with her reward description.  Everyone, including the winning team from the reward, seems uncomfortable with Abi’s bragging.  Finally Abi-Maria decides to take a nap, but before she settles down she announces to everyone that she will no longer be the one cooking the meals.  Everyone, that includes me, is so pissed off at Abi at that moment, Denise is the one who is most pissed, but decides not to confront her.  Denise says that she would just wait until Abi gets voted off and tell her that, “Whiners are weiners.  You need to go home.”  Nice one Denise!  Haha!

The next day, Michael and Malcolm talk strategy and decide on what seems to me as a major game-changer.  Malcolm plans to set up a final four that will move on until the end.  The final four consist of the two of them along with Denise and Lisa.  Later, Michael tells Lisa of the possible four-way sub-alliance with Malcolm and Denise.  Michael suggests to Lisa that they either side with Malcolm and Denise OR Jonathan and Carter.  Lisa thinks that she likes Jonathan more than Malcolm.  Next, Michael and Lisa decide to talk with Jonathan.  Lisa says that she would love to be in the end with Michael and Jonathan.  Jonathan thanks Lisa, HOWEVER, he admits that he is not ready to commit to anything just yet and says that it’s too early to choose a final three.  Lisa is disappointed with Jonathan’s plan.  In the end, a pact between Michael, Lisa, Malcolm, and Denise is formed.  Skupin is still a bit uncomfortable with the four-way alliance, because Malcolm is the one who really controls it.  I think Jonathan just did a very critical mistake and blew his chances of actually winning the whole thing.  But who knows, this is still a game of Survivor.

At the Immunity Challenge, one must maneuver a buoy to a series of obstacles, divided into three rounds.  The first five will move on to obstacle number two.  The first three to finish will move onto the final round.  In the final round, they will navigate their buoys around a series of obstacles in the water. The first person to finish wins immunity.  The winners of the first round are Malcolm, Jonathan, Denise, Michael and Carter.  Carter, Michael, and Denise move on to the final round.  In a very close finish, Carter beats out Michael to win immunity.

Back at camp, Jonathan meets with Carter, Lisa, Michael, Malcolm and Denise and decide to split the votes, in case Abi uses her hidden immunity.  If Abi does not use her immunity idol, then they will vote her out. If she does, then Pete will go home.  Obviously, Pete tries to scramble, as well as Abi.  Pete tries to convince the others to vote for Malcolm, because he is the biggest threat.  Abi on the other hand tries to talk things out with Lisa, but Lisa says that she will not vote with them because she is no longer part of their alliance.  Just one vote and Pete and Abi can still be in the running.

At the tribal council, Malcolm admits that he is a bit worried and hopes that his alliance stays true to him.  But the main person on the hot seat at the tribal council is the Stupid little bi*tch Abi.  Abi admits that she may be misunderstood by the others because of her culture and language differences.  Denise, still composed and calm, disagrees with Abi and tells her that she has known many people whose first language is not English that are still helpful and kind.  Abi is shocked and tells everyone that she is loved by people back at her home.  Everyone smiles in awe.  Abi also feels bad because Lisa does not forgive her because of doubt.  Lisa immediately tells Abi that she is forgiven, but she has to be better with trust issues.  Jeff Probst then asks Denise if Abi is an ideal candidate to be in the final three.  Denise admits that for the last seasons of Survivor, people have taken the most unlikable person to the end for an easy vote.  Denise says that it is a good strategy, IF that is the game you wanted to play.  Stupid Abi interrupts Denise and tells that she is shocked that she is “unlikable.”  Uh, Abi, I think you are the last to know tha you are highly unlikable.  Denise tries to explains, but Abi keeps on interrupting Denise’s explanation, until Denise gives up.

Everyone votes.  Abi uses her immunity idol.  Two votes (Pete and Abi) for Malcolm, three for Abi and three for Pete (the vote-split), since Abi used her immunity, votes against her did not count.

Pete is the eleventh person to leave Survivor Philippines, fourth Jury Member.

I think with this episode we can officially place Abi Maria as one of THE most evil Survivor castaways.  I don’t see Abi moving on any further in the game, so the next episode SHOULD be a no-brainer.  What excites me is that this season, we will not be seeing any unlikable characters in the final three.  As what I have said from Episode ONE, I have a strong feeling about Malcolm and her long term alliance with Denise.


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