The Voice 3 Top 8 Power Rankings

Credit: NBC The Voice Facebook Fan Page

We’re halfway through the Live Shows and every week we get to see who are at risk to be eliminated, who are gaining momentum, who are stepping up and who may possibly win it all. Here are my power rankings:

First off: The Voice

I was so sad to see Bryan Keith go.  I thought he had enough fan base to keep him in the competition.  As what I have observed from his past performances, he needed to choose more unpredictable song choices.  His last performance of New York State Of Mind bored me and probably the audience as well, hence the elimination.

8. Cody Belew – Personally, I thought he was more deserving to go instead of Bryan Keith.  He has a good voice and HUGE personality, but I don’t think he has enough fan base to keep him.

7. Terry McDermott – He is one of my early favorites and he has been sailing through every round in a breeze.  However, I think he is losing steam because his performances seem to be the same every week.  He has to change things up and surprise the audience.

6.  Melanie Martinez – I love this quirky little girl and I loved her even more this week when she performed Seven Nation Army.  Keep stepping up and we might see her as a potential finalist.

5.  Nicholas David – He is probably the darkest of all the dark horses ever born!  His last Grammy-like performance of Lean On Me is finalist-worthy.  My problem with him is the star quality, something that the next person in my ranking has in full capacity.

4. Dez Duron – And here comes Mr. Pretty Boy.  How I wish Nicholas David and Dez Duron is just one person.  He has a huge fan base that consists probably of mothers and screaming teenage girls.  Personally I don’t seem to like his voice quality, but I turned to be a believer when he sang Feeling Good and when I got to listen to his recordings.

3. Trevin Hunte – One of the clear front-runners this season.  BUT, watching him perform Scream made me realize that he cannot sing the alphabet.  If he gets to choose a wrong song again, he might be the most shocking elimination this season.  He still has the potential to win though, just by looking at the past winners of The Voice.

2. Amanda Brown – We may finally see the first-ever female winner on The Voice.  Amanda’s last performance is definitely one of her best yet.  She tends to choose risky choices, some paid off (Dream On), some not so much (Spectrum).  Having said that, she is fearless and I am rooting for her.

(c) NBC

1. Cassadee Pope – Obviously she is at the top of the pack in my book.  She has the first #1 hit on iTunes this season, she has a tremendous number of followers (including her Hey Monday fans), and her last superb performance catapulted her to be the one to beat.  Her problem now is how to keep her momentum up.


2 thoughts on “The Voice 3 Top 8 Power Rankings”

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