X Factor USA 2 Top 8 Power Rankings

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Beatrice did not deserve to go home.  Her save-me song was pretty good and if I was in the judges’ shoes, I would have kept her instead of Cece.

8. Paige Thomas – What’s keeping her at the bottom (aside from being a poor singer) is that the person above her has a more sob back-story.  Paige has a lot of stage presence, but I don’t think she will last any more longer.

7.  Cece Frey – I still don’t know why they keep on saving her.  I think X Factor is missing the point that their show is a SINGING COMPETITION.  Having said that, Cece has a sad story to back her up.  Sympathy votes do really help.

6. Fifth Harmony – They are definitely losing the momentum.  Their performances are getting weaker and weaker every week and I think they are on the outs if they don’t change things up.

5. Diamond White – On the other hand, she is determined to pick up her momentum.  I admit that I have not been impressed with her performances yet, but I guess she is one of the better singers in the bunch.

4. Vino Alan – I like Vino.  He has a very tough exterior with a soft spot and all of his performances were heartfelt.  I am rooting for him, but I think other acts have more fan-base than him.

3. Emblem3 – I have a strong feeling about this group.  I think they are a locked-in for the finals.

2. Tate Stevens – This comes as a no-brainer.  USA loves Country Music and Tate Stevens is a Country singer/Family man/WGWG — perfect concoction for winning a singing competition.

(c) FOX

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar – This little girl will give Tate Stevens a run for his money.  She is THE best singer in the Top 8, and she’s extremely likable.  It will be the biggest shock on TV if she gets eliminated.


2 thoughts on “X Factor USA 2 Top 8 Power Rankings”

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