Survivor Philippines Episode 11 Recap: Hell Hath Frozen Over

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The day after the brutal last tribal council, Abi still whines about the way she was treated, instead of taking the arguments in a positive way.  At that point, I hated Abi even more.  She is just little whiny bitch.  Denise thinks that Abi just continues the reign of negative, grumpy Abi.  Denise and her alliance of four (with Malcolm, Michael, and Lisa) plan on voting out Abi next (as a very easy vote), but if ever Abi wins the next immunity, which is unlikely, they then will vote out Jonathan instead.

Later that morning, Malcolm and Abi check the tree-mail then Abi sees the envelopes with their names on it.  Abi cries immediately, thinking that the envelopes contain the letters from home.  Malcolm sympathizes with Abi and thinks that she just got destroyed from the last tribal council.  Malcolm and Abi went back to the camp and told the others that the next challenge is actually a Reward Auction.  Each castaways will be receiving $500 to spend in the auction.

At the Auction, Denise gets the pancakes while without hesitation, Michael stupidly wastes his $500 for a glass of wine and some cheeses and he’s not even a drinker!  Anyway, Malcolm gets donuts, which looked like our local version of Dunkin’ Donuts because they’re too small!  Penner gets Jollibee Chickenjoy and fries while Lisa gets a humongous sandwich.  Then Carter trades his baked potatoes (which he buys for $200) for a sack of rice and beans for the tribe (nice one Carter).  Abi immediately buys a note that will serve as an advantage for the next immunity challenge, and again tries to whine about needing the advantage the most.  Carter purchases the last item which is a veal shanks and the twist is that the veal shanks are for everyone.  So cheesy. Haha.

Back at camp after the auction, Abi asks Jonathan for an apology because of all the bad things thrown at her during the last tribal council.  I just could not believe Stupid Abi right now.  Is this girl for real?  Jonathan tries to explain why the tribe is not happy with her and suggests that she must have been more friendly and not so blunt and brutally honest.  Lisa is so amazed that Abi keeps on dwelling and being bitter about the last tribal council, but still does not listen to the explanation of what they are trying to tell her.

Abi leaves the tribe and reads her note.  The note tells that Abi will go directly to the final stage of the Immunity Challenge.  And then the next day, a cloud of genius hovers over Abi’s mind and makes her think of a plan.  Her plan is to tell the tribe that she has a immunity idol.  She tells Malcolm about her immunity idol.

At the Immunity Challenge, each will be attached to a rope.  One must get through the rope into a series of obstacles.  The first five will move on to obstacle #2.  At the second round, they will still be attached to a rope and must make their way through a series of bamboo poles.  The first two will move on to the final round.  At the final round they must navigate a multi-level obstacle course.  In between courses, Jeff will ask a question.  For every wrong answer, one must carry a bag with 5% of their body weight.  Then it’s time for Abi’s note.  Instead of just reading the note, Abi, who is not actually stupid at all, lies to everyone that the note has two parts and the only part that she will read pertains to the challenge alone.  After telling that she will directly go the final round of obstacles, she then tears up the note into pieces, because she does not anyone else to know the second part of the note!  A possible paranoia for Dangrayne tribe! I hate to say this, but nice one Stupid Abi.  In the end, Carter, Jonathan, and Abi compete for the final round.  And after a series of unfortunate events, ABI WINS IMMUNITY. Dammit.

Back at camp after that devastating immunity challenge wherein an despicable bully won, Malcolm thinks that “Hell Hath Frozen Over, Abi won Immunity.”  However, I really like how Malcolm sees things into perspective.  He thinks that it’s actually a good thing because it gives them a perfect time and reason to get rid off Penner.  Later, Michael, Denise, Lisa, and Malcolm confirm that the alliance will vote off Penner.  Lisa is having a hard time agreeing with the vote because she really likes Jonathan and even Carter.  Later, Lisa talks with Jonathan and tells him that she already has joined an alliance because he would not commit to go with her in the final three.  Jonathan is of course shocked and upset and thinks that Lisa has lost her mind once again.  After that, Penner asks Carter and Abi to vote for Denise, then asks Skupin the same plan of breaking the Denise-Malcolm pact.  Skupin is once again making a dilemma that if he chooses to go with his alliance of four, he would make three people very happy.  On the other hand he would also upset three other people.  Skupin thinks that everything will all turn out in the finals wherein he will potentially gain three jury votes and lose three jury votes.

At the Tribal Council, Abi sits in the middle and boasts about her being safe at this point.  Ugh I hate her so much.  Anyway, Jonathan pleads his case and tells everyone that he is disappointed with Lisa and Michael for making an alliance with Denise and Malcolm, since he has been loyal and trustworthy to them.  Penner also points out the Michael and Lisa will have no shots at winning against Malcolm and Denise.  Malcolm tells Jonathan that he did not trust Lisa enough to make a commitment for the final three.  Lisa admits that the vote will be tough one because she will hurt people that she cares about.  Skupin also considers Penner’s plead of sparing him from the vote.

Jonathan Penner is the twelfth person to leave Survivor Philippines, second of three returning castaways voted off, fifth jury member.

Too bad for Penner.  He made the most critical mistake last episode when Lisa and Michael approached him about a possible final three commitment and he told them to just relax and wait until they all reach the final 6.  He completely blew that major opportunity.

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