Reasons Why Christina Aguilera Did Not Win ‘The Voice Season 3’

The Voice - Season 3That’s it. Team Xtina is done!  Christina Aguilera will not win The Voice Season 3.  What the hell happened?  Here are my reasons why she was unsuccessful this season:

  1. Team Xtina lacked diversity.  As what Christina said in the start of the season, she is looking for a specific team.  Well, that team consisted of a bunch of pop-divas.  I don’t want to sound a bit sexist, but Team Xtina should have been more gender-balanced.  And to add up, it would have been better had she chosen contestants with different genres.  A rocker or a country singer would not hurt the team at all, giving more choices for the audience.
  2. Poor Battle match-ups.  Christina did put up against several contestants who have huge potentials.  I mean De’borah versus Nelly’s Echo?  Aquile and Nathalie Hernandez?  Joselyn Rivera and Sylvia Yacoub? Adriana Louise and Jordan Pruitt?  Well, that’s about everyone! Haha! What I am trying to say is that, Christina should have thought the pairings a little bit better in order to move forward with the best singers possible.
  3. Wrong choice of steals.  This season, we were introduced to a twist that during the Battle Rounds, each coach is given a right to steal two artists from the other teams.  I think Christina wasted her steals by choosing Chevonne and Alessandra Guerico.  I mean, there were a lot of better and more diverse singers to choose from like Brandon Mahone (the young Motown guy), Samuel Mouton (that Reggae guy), or Benjie the rocker!
  4. Aquile versus Sylvia Yacoub in the Knockout Rounds.  I like both Aquile and Sylvia Yacoub and it pains me to see them battling for a lone spot during the Knockout Rounds.  Had Christina kept both of them through the Live Shows, it would have been a better Team Xtina.
  5. Bad directions.  This reason is specifically for Dez Duron.  Dez would have been the saving grace for Team Xtina when he sang Feeling Good and somehow found his niche.  Christina kept on insisting that Dez Duron can sing anything.  As what I have said in my Power Rankings, Christina was somehow responsible with Dez’s elimination.  Collectively, they should have stuck with a genre that is leaning towards Dez’s wheelhouse and be more Buble’ than Bieber.
  6. A case of bad luck.  There were just too many great singers this season!  I mean, Christina did turn her chair for Brian Keith, Trevin Hunte, and Cassadee Pope, but too bad the contestants themselves did not choose Christina as their coach.
  7. Adriana Louise.  This is probably the biggest mistake of Christina Aguilera–her adoration to Adriana Louise.  Actually I really, really like Adriana, right from her Blind Audition (which made all of the coaches turn their chairs), to the Battle and Knockout rounds.  However during the Live Playoffs, Adriana failed to get enough votes from America, despite Christina (and the show’s editing) over pimping her.  This was a good insight that America is not falling in love with her, but because Christina loves Adriana, she chose her over De’borah (who was obviously more unique and can give Melanie Martinez a run for her money on iTunes) to move forward.  Because both Adriana and Sylvia Yacoub are pop-divas (see Reason #1), the American votes were split and Adriana was eliminated the following week.  Bad call.

I may be right or wrong at some points and speculations, but the fact still remains: Christina Aguilera’s journey to the top of The Voice Season 3 is over.  Next year she will be touring for her album and will not return as coach for season 4.  Will Shakira be a better and more successful coach that Christina?  And when Christina returns as coach, I do hope that she returns with a vengeance, and with a better strategy.


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