X Factor USA 2 Top 6 Power Rankings

Just when I thought Paige Thomas looked and sounded like a star in her last performance, she got eliminated.  I was not surprised with Vino Alan’s elimination though, but what is surprising and borderline funny is seeing Cece Frey still in the running!

6.  Cece Frey – I don’t know if she can last any longer, but this show is so crazy, I don’t want to expect anything.  If ever she ends up singing for her life at the bottom next week, I don’t think the judges will save her anymore.

5.  Fifth Harmony – Though their last performance was a bit better, I don’t think they’re creating magic to earn more fans to vote for them.  I think they need a revamp and perform an uptempo with full-on choreography.

4.  Diamond White – Although I can see in Diamond the determination to always give her best at every performance, I really don’t think she can win or at least make it to the finals.

3.  Tate Stevens – I think Tate just got stronger.  Let’s see:  Tate is the last man (solo male artist) standing.  He is also the last one of the Over 25’s.  Everyone who voted for Vino may go for Tate.  (For other reasons, please read my last Power Rankings)

2.  Emblem3 – I think douchebag3 Emblem3 is on a roll.  The girls love them, they are current and not to mention, they are mentored by Simon Cowell.  They just have to keep the momentum up for them to reach the finals, which I think they will be.


1. Carly Rose Sonenclar – This girl is on fire (Cue in Alicia Keys)!  I don’t know what can’t she do.  She keeps on stepping it up and I think this is her race to lose.


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