Guess Who’s Finally Introduced From The Walking Dead Comic Books?!


As you all have seen, the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead introduced us to a bunch of new characters, but one major character is no stranger to the fans of the comic book (me included).

Alas I want to say WELCOME to the world of Boob Tube TYREESE!

Tyreese played by Chad Coleman

From the start of the series, I was pretty excited to see how would creator Robert Kirkman and showrunner Glen Mazzara introduce key characters to the show.  When Season 2 started a year ago, I was really expecting to see Tyreese et al coming to play (based on the comic books) before Rick and the gang headed to Herschel’s Farm.  Because there were no news about Tyrese, I (and probably everyone) assumed that Tyreese was simply not going to be in the series at all.

Tyreese’s introduction in the comic books (Issue #7, Volume #2)

In the comics, Tyreese was a former NFL Linebacker (among all other things) who has become Rick’s right-hand man.  His weapon of choice: a good ‘ol HAMMER, which can also be seen on the TV show.

Unfortunately, The Walking Dead is now on a hiatus and we will get to see how Tyreese’s character pans out when The Walking Dead Season 3 comes back on February 2013.


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