Survivor Philippines Episode 12 Recap: Shot Into Smithereens

The last six standing, with a beautiful view of the Philippines. (c) CBS

This is AGAIN a Lisa Welchel show.  I ain’t complaining though.

Coming off from the last tribal council, Abi thinks that the alliance of Michael, Lisa, Malcolm and Denise is tight.  Abi asks Carter how he feels about it and he tells Abi to not worry because she still has a hidden immunity.  Up until now I think Carter is the tool of the season.  I like him though because he seems like a really nice guy.  Abi is trying to pull off this hidden immunity bluff to stay in the game.  Meanwhile, Lisa thinks that Jonathan’s plan of keeping him instead of Malcolm is the right way because according to her, Malcolm is playing a very brilliant game.  Denise is grateful to Lisa for staying with the alliance.  Lisa then admits that sticking with Denise and Malcolm to the end may not be the best strategy, but she thinks betraying them does not define who she is as a person.

On day 31 at the Reward Challenge, Jeff Probst surprises the tribe that they will be teaming up with a loved one for the challenge–Michael and his son Michael, Carter and his mom Bianca, Denise and her husband Brad, Lisa and her younger brother Justice (one of the most heartfelt reunions in Survivor, I think), Abi and her mother Vera (someone actually visits her), and Malcolm and his brother Miles.  The challenge:  each castaway must toss a muddy bag to their loved ones, while the loved one must knock down five bamboo targets.  The winner will get to take the loved one back at camp for the whole day.  Malcolm and his brother wins reward and Jeff asks Malcolm to choose two other castaways to receive the reward.  Malcolm chooses Lisa (and Justice) and Skupin (and son Michael).

Well, I think Malcolm choosing to share his reward with Lisa was a bad decision after all!  Justice (Lisa’s younger brother) just rekindles Lisa’s drive to move forward and together with Michael, they will try to change the game to their benefit!  Lisa fills Justice in on the moves and missteps that she has made in the game so far, like admitting to Malcolm that she discovered his immunity idol.  Justice reassures Lisa that this is a game of outwit, outplay, outlast, and should vote out the biggest threat–Malcolm.  Lisa admits that she is having a hard time breaking her word with people.  Justice reminds Lisa that Malcolm would  respect her bold plays, just when she tried to get him voted out in the past.  After a prayer and more bonding with their loved ones, Lisa and Michael decide to gather Abi and Carter and blindside Malcolm.

At the Immunity Challenge, one must cross over a bamboo beam and onto a platform.  Using a hook, one must retrieve three bags of sticks.  Once they retrieved all three bags, one must swim to shore and open the bags and create a pole, long enough to push a target.  The first one to push the target and to drop the flag attached to the target wins.  In a close fight, well except for stupid Abi (who trails at the back of the pack), Malcolm wins immunity!

Back at camp, Malcolm is so ecstatic about his very first Individual Immunity win, thinking that with this win and his hidden immunity that has yet to played, he is safe until the final 4.  Lisa’s plan of blindsiding Malcolm is poof!  So she and Michael plan on their other options whether to vote Carter or Abi.  For me I think it’s an easy vote to get rid of BITCH Abi.  Afterwards, Michael talks with Malcolm and they decide on voting the bigger threat out of the two choices–Carter.  Carter approaches Michael and Malcolm and tells them that they should keep him around “Out of respect for the game.”

Later Abi discusses with the tribe about the last Tribal Council’s turnout of votes.  And the bitch is back.  BITCH Abi points out that Lisa’s word used to be more important than the money, and now she is willing to go against her word.  Denise tries to make peace with the argument, and the whole Abi-bullying-Lisa-bitching-everyone over.  Then Abi turns to argue Denise that she only tells her that because she is safe in the alliance of four.  ARGH ABI!!!  She then tells them that she will be using her hidden immunity.  Denise confesses that Abi’s attitude is not cultural or racial, but it is just her culture in general.  On the other hand, Malcolm thinks Abi is a soul-sucker and is detrimental to the tribe’s morale.  He even describes Abi as a Dementor in the Harry Potter books!  HAHA!  Malcolm cracks me up sometimes.

At the Tribal Council, Malcolm admits that he is relieved to have won immunity and still feels secured with his alliance of four.  Carter admits that he feels vulnerable, but hopes that the said alliance would think that he is more worthy and more deserving to stay over Abi.  Michael thinks that voting off Carter would be like voting out his son.  Lisa admits that she would sit next to somebody she thinks she can beat.  Bitch Abi again tells everybody that she will play her hidden immunity idol blah blah blah.  Denise admits that there is still tension between her and Abi (who doesn’t?), but things have gone better.  Abi does not understand why she gives tension.  Jeff rephrases what Denise is trying to say by telling Abi that the tribe feels that she is a baggage.  Abi does not even understand what Jeff is saying.

Carter Williams is the thirteenth person to leave Survivor Philippines, sixth jury member.

With that, the original Kalabaw tribe is gone.  Poor tool Carter.  Definitely a wrong move for the four-way alliance.  If they are really trying to play a respectable game of Survivor, they should have kept Carter over bitchy Abi.  If ever Carter wins the next immunity challenge, it would feel okay because he earns it, as for Abi, everyone would be carrying a heavy heart voting someone else.  Anyway, I don’t know what’s with Lisa? Every time she decides on a strategy and makes a bold move, good or bad, she still remains extremely likable not to carry any grudges against her.  Maybe it’s just me.


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