The Voice 3 Top 4 Power Rankings

I was so sad because 2 of my top 3 are gone (Look at my past Power Rankings).  It’s so sad to see Amanda Brown and Melanie Martinez go, and it’s more sad to see Team Adam lose in one snap.  Anyway, I think it’s going to be a Team Blake season.  It’s crunch time and we only have two weeks to go before The Voice crowns another champion.  Let’s see who is winning.


(c) NBC

4.  Trevin Hunte – Based on what I have said in my last Power Rankings, I don’t think Trevin has the capability to bounce back to being the front-runner.  However, if we look at the past  winners of The Voice, I still think he has a shot.  He just has to choose the perfect song.






(c) NBC

3. Nicholas David – He is pretty consistent and has chosen amazing song choices!  I like his distinct voice and his last performance of Somewhere Over The Rainbow was definitely one of his best yet.  A possible winner?  I’m still not sure.







(c) NBC

2. Terry McDermott – He has been strolling along in the competition, but last Performance Night was his most sensational night to date.  With his songs overtaking Cassadee at the iTunes charts, I think Terry is undoubtedly peaking at the right time.







(c) NBC

1. Cassadee Pope – Then it comes down to Cassadee and Terry.  I was expecting to see Amanda Brown battling it out with Cassadee in the finals, though.  Cassadee’s last performances of Stand and I’m With You were both amazing and both charted on iTunes.  With these being any indication, we might finally see a female winner of The Voice.





All in all I think it will all come down to song choices.  Everyone is neck-and-neck and everyone has the potential of winning The Voice, with Cassadee having a slight edge over the boys.


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