Survivor Philippines Episode 13 Recap: ‘Gouge My Eyes Out’

(c) CBS

After voting Carter out on the last Tribal Council where Dangrayne Tribe (I don’t think they aired the scene about the origin of that name and I don’t think it’s even remotely a Filipino term!) stuck with their guts and kept the ever-bitchy Abi,  Abi is so grateful for the decision made by the four-way alliance and thanks everyone for not voting her out.  Lisa thinks that the Survivor game is unfair, but she has to keep someone whom she can beat eventually instead of keeping the more worthy one.


The next morning, Abi leaves the camp to get some water.  While she is away, the Michael, Malcolm, Denise, and Lisa all mock her and joke that Abi is just trying to convince them that she has an immunity idol.  Obviously it’s not working anymore!  Meanwhile, Abi thinks that she has to do something to break the Malcolm-Denise bond because they seem to be unbeatable.  She talks with Lisa and tries to convince her that she is at the bottom of the four-way alliance.  Lisa doesn’t believe her.


At the Reward Challenge, each castaway must climb and over a slide then race into the ocean to untie a bundle of rings.  Once they collected all the rings, each must toss a ring to a peg.  The first person who tosses one ring on each of the five pegs wins.  The reward is a helicopter ride then a they will board a boat to a feast of pizza soda.  After that they will do whale-watching.  It is a tight race between Michael and Malcolm, but in the end, Michael wins reward!  Michael remembers that the last time he had a helicopter ride was when he was medically evacuated from Survivor: The Australian Outback.  Michael then chooses Malcolm (to repay the previous family reward), and of course Lisa. I was happy to see them win something and at the same time, i am so sad for Denise, not because she did not win reward, but because she will spend the rest of the day with her arch-nemesis ABI!  Haha!


Back at camp, Denise is not happy, as well as Abi!  This is going to be a very long day indeed!  Denise is trying to be positive and calm about everything.  She thinks that spending time with Abi is like the first date with the kid who like pulled your hair all the time in kindergarten.  Haha!


At the reward, Michael is one hell of a kid in a playground!  He’s is certainly having an insane sugar rush (because he don’t eat sugar) that he stands beside a pole at the end of the boat and just, well, enjoying life maybe?  Haha!  Malcolm proposes that he wants Michael and Lisa to be with him in the finals, therefore throwing Denise under the bus because Malcolm thinks that neither one of them will win over Denise.  Michael likes the idea and agrees with Malcolm’s proposal.  Then, the Pinoy crew on the boat a whale shark in the water.  Michael, Malcolm, and Lisa jump underwater to get a closer look.


The next morning, Denise wakes up with a massive pain on her neck and face.  I think it’s a spider bite.  I think this is the first time I see Denise being hurt this much.  Poor Denise.  Lisa, Michael, Malcolm, and Abi approach Denise and offer prayers for healing.


At the Immunity Challenge, one must use two planks to cross a bridge and along the way, one must retrieve two puzzle pieces.  Once they are across, one must solve the puzzle then use it as a maze to bring a ball to the finish spot.  At the start of the challenge everyone is neck and neck, then Malcolm falls off the bridge and must start over.  While everyone is at the final stage of the challenge, Malcolm comes from behind and wins!


Back at camp, Abi is disappointed and wants Michael and Lisa to vote with her and vote Denise out.  Abi first talks with Michael.  Michael agrees but he still wants to talk with Lisa first.  Lisa likes the idea of keeping Abi for the final three with Michael.  Meanwhile, Denise is so worried and tries to convince Malcolm to give her his immunity idol.  Malcolm assures Denise that she is safe and everyone will vote for Abi.  Going back with Michael and Lisa (who are still talking!), they think that it would be very difficult to defeat Malcolm when they reach the final four.  Lisa admits that they must do everything to win the next immunity challenge and Abi is not strong enough to win against Malcolm.  So they may still need Denise in order to knock Malcolm and have better chances of winning an immunity.


At the Tribal Council, Abi (again) bursts out and calls Michael idiot and moron.  Maybe Abi sees mirror all over her.  Abi then tells everyone that she is the best person to take to the end because she is unlikable.  Lisa admits that she would rather take someone to the end that she could beat.  Malcolm warns the others that Abi could possibly win if she makes it to the end.  Let’s see, if Abi makes it to the finals, she already has votes from her former alliance Pete and Artis, so yeah maybe Malcolm is right.


ABI-MARIA GOMES is the fourteenth person to leave Survivor Philippines, the seventh jury member.


…and Michael Skupin does the happy dance!  Everyone is in a celebratory mode at this point, me included!  Wow, I still can’t believe that Abi actually made it THAT far!  I mean, final five is not bad at all, especially with a person like Abi!  With that irritating attitude, she would have been gone had Tandang lost a pre-merge immunity challenge!  I still don’t like the fact that we will see Abi sitting at front row in the Survivor Reunion next week!


So who will it be?  Let’s all find out next week!  Again, this has been a very great season and everyone in the final 4 is deserving of winning Survivor: Philippines!


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