The Voice Has Crowned Its Season 3 Winner!

(c) NBC

After gruesome and intense journey of blind auditions, battle rounds, knockout rounds, and the live shows, one stood out and has been crowned the winner of The Voice Season 3.

The two-hour-or-so live season 3 finale featured several performances from the hottest superstars today to the season’s top contestants.

And the finale ended up with Indie-pop rock powerhouse Cassadee Pope winning the whole thing!  Scottish rocker Terry McDermott is this season’s second runner-up and Soul God Nicholas David is the third finisher.  Pope and McDermott were both coached by Blake Shelton, so that’s two for two for Team Blake!

The finale show included several performances by some of the music’s biggest stars like Rihanna (who opened the show with her smash hit Diamonds), The Killers (performed Here With Me with Cassadee), American Idol Queen herself Kelly Clarkson (performed Catch My Breath with Pope and Terry), and Bruno Mars (debuted his new single When I Was Your Man).

The final three performed a duet with their personal idols.  Nicholas David performed with Smokey Robinson, McDermott performed with Peter Frampton, and Pope performed with Avril Lavigne.

The final three also performed with the other Voice contestants.  Terry chose Bryan Keith, Rudy Parris, Michaela Paige, and Amanda Brown, Cassadee chose De’borah (who I still think was so robbed), Liz Davis, and Melanie Martinez, and Nicholas chose Dez Duron, Amanda Brown, and Trevin Hunte (one of my favorite parts of the finale).  Other performances include the top 16 boys of heartbreakers Dez Duron, Diego Val, McKenzie Bourg, Cody Belew, and Julio Cesar Castillo performing together, while the top 16 girls Adriana Louise, Loren Allred, Sylvia Yacoub, Devyn Deloera, and Joselyn Rivera grouped together for a diva number.

(c) NBC

But one of the greatest highlights of the finale was when the coaches performed Green Day’s Time Of Your Life.  It was a bittersweet moment because Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green are both leaving for season 4.

Photo: Congratulations Cassadee Pope! You are The Voice!
(c) NBC

All in all I think the finale was really great!  I am so happy with the results!  Cassadee Pope deserves it!  Congratulations Team Blake!  Do you agree with the results?


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