X Factor USA Season 2: Who Will Win? (Power Ranking)

(c) FOX

Season 2 has been a train-wreck season and with a couple of hours away we will get to witness who will take home the crown.  Who among Tate Stevens, Fifth Harmony, and Carly Rose Sonenclar will win the $5 Million recording contract?

First off, I have to say the Finals bored me a bit.  The performances of the final three were just ok, none of them were outstanding.  A bunch of the performances were encores.  And how about the guest duets?  Let’s see–Leann Rimes, Little Big Town, and DEMI Lovato?  C’mon.  There were a LOT of other singers to choose from!  Having said that, I think the race is as tight as ever that I could not make up my mind who I think should win!

Photo: Did Carly Rose Sonenclar nail her performances tonight?
(c) FOX

3.  Carly Rose Sonenclar – Oh man, what can I say?  Carly has been my favorite since the beginning of the season, BUT her Final performances hurt her a bit.  Hallelujah has been sung like what, a gazillion times?  She did amazing, but I miss the youthful part of Carly.  Plus, she is in the death spot — if that really mattered.  I am still rooting for her though.  I really do hope she wins, to save this mediocre season.

Photo: Think the girls of Fifth Harmony have what it takes to win this thing?
(c) FOX

2.  Fifth Harmony – On the other hand, this manufactured girl-group has become legit, thanks to the power of Simon Cowell.  They sounded AMAZING on all of their final performances, although two of which have been performed previously.  I would not be surprised if Fifth Harmony snatches the win.  In fact, I would be so happy.

Photo: So, how are you all feeling about Tate Stevens' performance tonight?
(c) FOX

1.  Tate Stevens – He was the most consistent out of all three.  He has been on top of the leader board all throughout the season, with or without a good performance.  I think we may have another WGWG Country star winning.


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