X Factor USA Season 2 FINALE! And The Winner Is…

(c) FOX

After a season with no host in the beginning, with talent on the down-low, and with a steady-but-not-so-spectacular effort in the ratings game, Fox’s 2nd serving of the X Factor USA has ended with another WGWG winning.

I know, I know I am a bit bitter because Carly Rose Sonenclar, whom I think is the only saving grace on the show, did not take home the bacon and the 5 million dollar recording contract that goes with it.  But it was Country singer from the Over 25’s Tate Stevens who won the hearts of America.  With this family guy’s very likable personality and his genre adored by many, this win comes as a no-brainer.  Mentor L.A. Reid exits the X Factor as the winning coach!

The Finale was filled with performances from the final three finalists Stevens, Sonenclar and Fifth Harmony (that includes singing some Christmas songs to spread the spirit of the Yuletide season).  To add more star power were performances from guests Pitbull and OneDirection.

Some of the fillers included a montage of the season’s most memorable moments and contestants.

Although they performed like a front-runner in last night’s Finals, Fifth Harmony ended in third place because I think they peaked just a little too late and Stevens and Sonenclar have been the clear front-runners of the whole season.

After Stevens and Sonenclar performed Miley Cyrus’ The Climb for the final time, then the winner was revealed.

Photo: Congrats to Tate Stevens - Season 2 WINNER of The X Factor!
(c) FOX

Although it pains me to see Tate’s first performance as this year’s X Factor USA champ,  I can’t help but be happy for the guy.  Good job Tate Stevens and good luck on your future.


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