Merry Christmas everyone!  As a Christmas gift to y’all, I will share my thoughts on a movie that is timely for the Yuletide Season because one of the protagonists is the good ‘ol Santa Claus—Rise of the Guardians!

(c) Dreamworks

Rise of the Guardians is an epic adventure based on a children’s book by William Joyce.  The movie tells a story of a group of superheroes teaming up to fight against a common foe.  Sounds like The Avengers, but instead of having Captain America or Iron-Man saving the day, we get to watch a group of characters that seem a little bit…cuter.  These characters are North AKA Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin), whose forearms tattooed “Naughty” on one arm and “Nice” on the other, pretty cool for a classic childhood legend; an oversized Easter Bunny from Down Under named Bunnymund (Hugh Jackman); Tooth AKA The Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), assisted by her army of tooth fairies with a weird obsession and fascination to teeth; and the over-adorable maker of dreams Sandy the Sandman (my personal favorite character in the movie), who does not talk (of course!).  Then there’s this evil spirit known as Pitch AKA The Nightmare AKA The Boogeyman (Jude Law) who wanted to lay down the gauntlet to make the children of the world stop believing in the guardians.  Reinforcement must be made and The Man In The Moon (the big boss) enlists a new guardian in the form of Jack Frost (Chris Pine).  The newly revamped Guardians must join forces for the first time to protect the hopes, beliefs, and imagination of all children, as Jack Frost embarks on his own journey to self-awareness and relevance.

(c) Dreamworks

The film is suited for kids and for all kids-at-heart who used to dream that these legends were true.  The story is marvelously told that makes me want to search for the book and read it.  Adding ample amount of humor are Santa’s little elves (though they looked like they imitated the minions from Despicable Me) and the obsessive-compulsive group of Yetis!

But what elevates this film to greater heights is Director Peter Ramsey, executive producer Guillermo del Toro and “visual consultant” Roger Deakins‘ STUNNING visual imagination—from the extravagant details of Santa’s North Pole realm, to every bit of grain in Sandy’s sand.

(c) Dreamworks

Alec Baldwin and the rest of the vocal cast  were all engaging to watch (or listen to) and Jude Law is, well, the ever-exceptional Jude Law.

(c) Dreamworks

This film is one of my favorite animated films from DreamWorks since How To Train Your Dragon.  A feast to the eyes, pretty hilarious, and it’s genuinely earnest, Rise of the Guardians makes Wreck It Ralph look pale in comparison.

4.0 out of 5 stars


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