Year-End Report: My Favorite Reality TV Performances Of 2012

From American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice (which had two seasons this year), and The X Factor USA, there were a lot of performances I think were the best.  Let’s look back at my Top 25 favorite performances this year.

(All the videos are embedded or linked. Enjoy!)

25.  Phillip Phillips’ American Idol Audition

When I first saw this audition, I became a fan.

24.  Terry McDermott – I Want To Know What Love Is (The Voice Season 3 Top 6)

Terry is definitely one of the most memorable contestants on The Voice because of his classic rock quality.

23.  Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte – Vision Of Love (The Voice Season 3 Battle Rounds)

When CeeLo Green teamed up Trevin Hunte and Amanda Brown for the Battle Rounds, CeeLo thought that it would be an easy decision to choose Trevin.  However when the battle began, the stage just exploded with powerhouse display of voices.  Glad there’s an added twist this season that other coaches can steal someone from the other teams, and Amanda was stolen by Team Adam.

22.  Tony Lucca – How You Like Me Now (The Voice Season 2 Semifinals)

Tony Lucca has come a long way.  He is a Disney baby, Christina Aguilera was pushing him too much that made Adam and Tony to just embrace what Tony Lucca is and was able to perform a Britney song.  But it was this performance that brought Tony some confidence to the stage!  Amazing performance!

21.  Jessica Sanchez – I Will Always Love You (American Idol Top 13)

This is her breakout performance that catapulted Jessica to the top of the pack.

20.  Eliana and Chehon – Ballet (SYTYCD Top4)

It’s a first for So You Think You Can Dance history that both winners are from the Ballet world!  This performance was so elegant and breathtaking.

19.  Emblem 3 – One Day (X Factor USA Season 2 First Live Show)

I did not take these douchebags boys too seriously, until they performed this.

18.  Colton Dixon – Piano Man (American Idol Top 10)

Colton Dixon was supposed to be one of the front-runners this year on American Idol, and this song proves him that.  However, he was not able to shine further when he was cut halfway through the season.

17.  Melanie Martinez – Seven Nation Army (The Voice Season 3 Top 10)

Quirky 16 year old Melanie put a spin to the White Stripes classic and made the song definitely her own.

16.  Carly Rose Sonenclar – Brokenhearted (X Factor USA Season 2 Judges’ Homes)

During Judges’ Homes, this season’s front-runner Carly Rose Sonenclar gives her rendition of Karmin’s Brokenhearted.  Guest mentor just could not contain himself in describing Carly as someone who is possessed!

15.  Fifth Harmony – Anything Can Happen (X Factor USA Semifinals)

In the most crucial part of the show, Fifth Harmony finally brought out some harmony and performed like it’s their last week on the show.  Luckily they were able to break into the finals.

14.  Amanda Brown – Stars (The Voice Season 3 Top 10)

When Adam Levine stole Amanda Brown from Team Ceelo, Amanda became a different and more courageous competitor.  She can sing anything and every time she sings, she makes everything her own.

13.  Avery Wilson – Without You (The Voice Season 3 Blind Auditions)

This has got to be one of my favorite auditions on any singing competition thus far.  He’s raw, so talented, with a powerful voice, and to top it all off, he’s just 16 years old!  I hope he comes back next season and win this whole thing!

12.  Phillip Phillips – Home (American Idol Finals)

The song Home is probably tailor-made for the American Idol winner.  This performance was I think the deciding factor why Phillip Phillips won.

11.  Jessica Sanchez, DeAndre Brackensick and Candice Glover – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore (Vegas Rounds)

Here we get to see Jessica Sanchez’s first ever airtime on American Idol!  And she sure did not disappoint!  She’s a little Tina Turner!

10.  Jesse Campbell and Anthony Evans – If I Ain’t Got You (The Voice Season 2 Battle Rounds)

During the Battle Rounds in the season 2 of The Voice, Team Xtina’s Jesse Campbell and Anthony Evans put their heart and soul to Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You.

9.  Carly Rose Sonenclar – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (X Factor USA Top 10)

This was the time when Simon was so stunned by Carly’s performance, he thought she is from another planet!  Haha!

8.  Cassadee Pope – Cry (The Voice Season 3 Finals)

For Cassadee’s final performance of the season, she gave her all for Faith Hill’s Cry.  Without question, she is the most deserving person to win this year.

7.  Loren Allred – You Know I’m No Good (The Voice Season 3 Knockout Rounds)

This comes as a HUGE surprise for me.  Remember, she was not featured all throughout the season, but when Knockout rounds came, she performed an Amy WineHouse classic and I was totally KNOCKED out.

6.  Amanda Brown – Dream On (The Voice Playoffs)

I have always loved Amanda and she did this song justice.  Too bad she did not make it to the finale.

5.  Carly Rose Sonenclar – As Long As You Love Me (X Factor USA Top 6)

Probably one of the most original themes in any singing competition to date was when X Factor USA gave its contestants a chance to perform a song unplugged.  Runner Up Carly Rose Sonenclar rose to the top with this radio-worthy performance of the Bieber song As Long As You Love Me.

4.  Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet – I Knew You Were Waiting For Me (American Idol Top 6)

One of my favorite duets on American Idol, Joshua was paired up with Jessica to a vocal masterclass performance.  I really do think that Joshua was robbed.  These two should have been this year’s final 2.

3.  Cassadee Pope – Over You (The Voice Season 3 Top 10)

This is her most successful performance on the show.  Not only did she wow the audience and the judges, she also was able to score her first number one hit on iTunes.  Of all the winners this year (Phillips, Jermaine Paul, Tate Stevens) I think Cassadee is the most deserving one.

2.  Joshua Ledet – It’s Man’s Man’s World (American Idol Top 4)

My list will never be complete without Joshua Ledet’s death-defying solo performances.  He sings over the top and here he slays James Brown’s It’s A Man’s Man’s World to everyone’s delight.

1.  Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holiday – And I Am Telling You (American Idol Finale)

And at the top spot is definitely one of the biggest highlights in American Idol history (or in any singing competition at that)–when Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez reprises her final 3 performance of And I Am Telling You, with a little help from no other than the original singer of that song, Jennifer Holiday!  I remembered that after the performance, my mom called me up and told me that she was having goosebumps and almost collapsed!  This mega-performance is definitely a heart-stopping one!


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