Year-End Report: My Top 12 TV Moments of 2012

It’s almost the end of 2012 and what a great year for television.  A lot of new series premiered, and some of our favorite shows just got a whole lot better.  Let’s look back at some of TV’s memorable highlights of 2012.  Please be reminded that all entries come with SPOILERS so read at your own risk.


12. ANTM’s new twist

During America’s Next Top Model’s 19th cycle, show creator and host Tyra Banks introduced a new format on the show—that every model will be evaluated by a specific score system.  But what’s more memorable was the new twist that one eliminated contestant can actually come back into the competition.  And alas, Leila Goldkhul was able to return to the competition that eventually made her a runner-up.



11. The birth of TV’s newest Ultimate Villain – Abi Maria

(c) CBS

In Survivor’s silver season held in the Philippines, we were introduced to someone who is, well, evil.  She may not be as evil as Russell Hantz, but she’s just, well, plain annoying.  Abi Maria started the game as a bully to Michael and Lisa, but she was able to sail through the season as what Malcolm described as a sucker to tribe’s morale, like a Dementor in Harry Potter.



10.  Game of Thrones’ Blackwater

(c) HBO

I’m not just talking about a specific scene, but it’s about the WHOLE EPISODE.  This single episode has got to be one of the most action-packed episodes on television.



9.  Bill Compton dies…or did he?

(c) HBO

True Blood has been known in making amazing cliffhangers in every season finale.  Season 5 is no exception.  When Sookie Stackhouse’s first love Bill Compton could not save himself from going back to being good, he was left with the obsession of Lilith’s blood that eventually consumed him.  His blood splattered on the floor to Sookie and Eric’s fright, but then the blood comes to life and formed into a bloody, gooey new evil Bill!



8.  Goat Farmers’ Rise to the top

(c) CBS

This has got to be one of the most successful stories for the Amazing Race.  Goat Farmers Josh and Brent started off the race at the back of the pack.  They were at risk of elimination almost every episode that in fact they came in last in one of the non-elimination legs!  When they got into the final 3, the other two teams (the Chippendales, Trey and Lexi) were always neck-and-neck at the top.  But it was in the final road block that changed their fate.



7.  Manny Pacquiao’s devastating KO

Well, what can I say?  With two seconds left in Round 6, People’s Champ and World’s Pound-for-pound boxer Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez to everyone’s shock.  ‘Nuff said.



6.  New Directions losing Sectionals

With no Mr. Schuester to help them and a new and improved Warbler management in the form of its leader Hunter, Finn Hudson was tasked to lead the New Directions to perform at the Sectionals.  New member (and new Rachel) Marley was having an eating disorder, thanks to the new bitch-in-town Kitty.  So at the end of their Gangnam Style production, Marley collapsed, hence their defeat.



5.  Jessica Sanchez’s shocking elimination

Everyone believed that Jessica Sanchez was the front-runner and the one to beat in the season 11 of American Idol.  But during the Top 7 Results Show, everyone was shocked to see the bottom three (Sanchez, together with Elise Testone, and Joshua Ledet).  Poof, BB Chez was Jennifer Hudson’ed, but thanks to the new generation Idol rules, the judges went on stage and grabbed the mic from Jessica and used their one and only Save of the season.



4.  Gossip Girl is revealed

I really don’t care about this entry because I don’t really care about this show.  But because it’s the final season of Gossip Girl I was too curious to know who Gossip Girl really is.  So after all these years, Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl.  Ok, moving on.



3.  Carrie Matheson gets Brody arrested

(c) Showtime

I could have added a little bit more memorable moments to my list because Homeland is definitely one of the finest shows on TV.  However, one specific moment on Homeland this season stood out from the rest.  It’s not in the beginning or at the season finale, but it was in the first half of the season.  After being tasked to find intel into Brody’s agenda, Carrie Mathison followed Nicholas Brody to his hotel room and got him arrested.  I was so shocked, my jaws dropped and thought to myself, “It’s just episode 4, what the heck’s going to happen next?”  It was also a gratifying moment for our dear protagonist, Carrie.



2.  Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony


You can never go wrong with the Olympics.  This year’s biggest sporting event was held in London.  The opening ceremony was directed by Danny Boyle, with over a thousand British performers, in front of billions of people all around the globe.  I remembered waking up so early just to watch this event live.  As what I have posted before, the ceremony was an extravagant and somehow humorous display of London’s history and pop culture.  We got to see the Olympic rings forging, J.K. Rowling reading an excerpt from her book, and Queen Elizabeth jumping off a helicopter with James Bond.  But the most memorable highlight of the ceremony was the lighting of the Olympic cauldron.



1.  Lori Grimes Emergency C-Section and everything that came after

So what kept an event as big as the Olympics from being this year’s most memorable TV moment?  It’s from AMC’s apocalyptic little TV Show called The Walking Dead, of course!  When Rick Grimes and the gang sought refuge in the prison, everybody thought that this is the safest place for Lori’s imminent child birth.  Episode 4 started off very peaceful, with the sun rising, and Herschel trying to walk on crutches, giving everyone a bit of hope.  Then all of a sudden there was a zombie attack and the group was split and one got bitten and Lori gives birth and the beautiful sunny day just became dark, gory, and heartbreaking in one snap.


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