Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 1 Recap: ‘She Annoys Me Greatly’

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Survivor is back and Season 26 will be featuring some of our favorite castaways battling it out with some of the greatest die-hard Survivor fans!  Welcome back to our weekly Survivor Recap!

(If you want to meet the Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorite Castaways, click HERE.)

Survivor goes back to the Philippines for a back-to-back season!  This time, the castaways are sent to the Caramoan Islands.  While the Fans travel by boat to their destination, the Favorites travel by helicopter!  The Fans start to make impressions about their fellow castaways, while the Favorites reminisce the mistakes they had during their last Survivor experience.  Andrea, who competed in Survivor: Redemption Island, admits “The theme of the season is people that make big mistakes. This is a chance to correct those mistakes.”

As soon as the Fans arrive on the beach, Jeff Probst greets them and introduce the other team that they will be competing with for a million dollars.  To the Fans’ delight, the Favorites come down one by one from the helicopter!

Jeff Probst gives orange buffs to the Fans (their tribe name Gota) and violet buffs for the Favorites (Bikal).  After that, the game is ON.  From the get-go, Jeff Probst announces the first reward challenge.


Two members from each tribe will race to get a ring and work together to reach their tribe poles, while the other team will try to steal the ring and reach their own pole.  The first tribe member to reach the pole with the ring scores a point.  The first tribe to score four points wins a flint and twenty pounds of beans.

First Round: Erik and Dawn for Bikal, Shamar and Julia for Gota.  Erik reaches the ring first, but finds trouble when he faces his competitor–Shamar.  I mean, he’s HUGE and Erik is like Woody from Toy’s Story!  He has no choice but to throw the ring out in the open.  Dawn tries to grab it, so as Julia.  Shamar eventually grabs the ring and reaches their tribe pole with ease, earning the first point for the Fans.

Second Round: Brandon and Andrea for the Favorites, Eddie and Hope for the Fans.  Eddie grabs the ring first then throws it to Hope.  Andrea shows strength as she wrestles with Hope.  I always liked Andrea’s strength.  Brandon and Eddie join the wrestling, but it’s Andrea who is able to grab the ring and to touch the pole.  Tribes are tied, 1-1.

Third Round: Brenda and Phillip for the Favorites, Sherri and Michael for the Fans.  The best part of round three is when Phillip grabs Michael by the leg and drags him to the Favorites’ pole.  Phillip scores a point for the Favorites.

Fourth Round: Francesca and Cochran for the Favorites, Matt and Laura for the Fans.  What seems to be one of those boring rounds, Francesca and Cochran sail through and score a point.  Favorites lead 3-1.

Fifth Round: Malcolm and Corinne for the Favorites, Reynold and Allie for the Fans.  The two boys are both pumped up, dangerous and eager to score a point for their tribe. In the end, Malcolm leads the Favorites to their first victory and wins reward.

The Gota Tribe arrives at their camp and starts to build shelter.  However, Shamar suggests to prioritize making fire first.  Matt disagrees and continues building shelter.  Shamar sits around while watching the rest build shelter.  He again tries to convince that they should put their energy more to creating a fire.  Eventually, Shamar works with Michael and they both create fire to everyone’s delight.  Shamar admits, “I had to make it happen. It was like being in Iraq and like having to get home. It just has to happen.”  Matt smooths things out with Shamar and everyone is a happy camp again.

At Bikul Tribe, Malcolm thinks that he has to stamp a nice first impression because he is the newest kid on the block.  He is happy because he thinks he did a great job at the first challenge.  Meanwhile, Francesca tries to talk with her former enemy during Survivor Redemption Island–Phillip.  She only receives a silent treatment from Phillip.  Phillip thinks that he has already buried the hatchet, while Francesca is still time-trapped as she brings up the past.  Phillip admits that Francesca annoys him so much.   On the other hand, Phillip wants to play what he has learned from Boston Rob and calls his plan the ‘BR Rules.’  First Phillip aligns himself with Corinne and calls her the Dominatrix, then tries to put Malcolm and Andrea into the mix.  He wants to call Andrea The Eliminator, while he asks Andrea and Corinne to invite Malcolm into their alliance because he thinks he is the undercover agent, taking a back seat while his players do the work.  Whatever Phillip.  Then Corinne and Andrea recruits Dawn, while Phillip invites Cochran, the Intelligencia Atache.  He then tries to talk to Erik.  Phillip tells Erik that he already has a majority alliance and he wants to invite him to the mix, but not because of the numbers.  Erik feels uncomfortable hearing this and thinks that he is being played in a Boston Rob kind of way.  Wow, Erik is actually thinking this time around!  By the way, Cochran now deals with a bad case of sun burn.

At Gota, Eddie and Reynold make a quick alliance and they want to invite Allie and Hope in.  Eddie sounds like an emerging Survivor douche as he tries to sweet-talk Hope and tells her that she is his Southern Belle.  Later that night, Laura notices Reynold and Allie cuddling, but in a romantic, making out way.  Laura comments, “Romantic alliances do not work on Survivor. They’re going to get targeted right away.”  The next day, Eddie, Reynold, Allie, and Hope all gather together it what Eddie would like to call the Cool Kids Lunch Table during high school that you have to make your way in, but not all are welcomed.  Ooh, sounds like an Elite clique that consists of two Jocks and a pair of dumb, blonde-haired cheerleaders.  Meanwhile, Laura, Julia, and Sherri discuss the make out session of the previous night and decide to keep a four-way alliance with Michael.  Michael pretends to commit, then he talks with Matt.  Matt and Michael agree to sit in the middle and when the time comes, they will decide on what side they will go.


Each tribe will be divided into pairs.  Each pair must climb to a four-story tower.  Each floor has crates and a pair must throw the crates to reveal a set of sandbags, which will be used later.  Once the crates have been thrown, the final pair will gather all the sand bags and attempt to throw them to six targets.  First tribe to shoot six sandbags to the six targets wins.  It is neck-and-neck from the bat, but Andrea and Brandon, the fourth pair, fly through the course and up the fourth floor of the tower, while Eddie and Allie trail behind.  The final pair for the Favorites are Malcolm and Dawn and Malcolm decides to shoot the sandbags for the Favorites.  Reynold and Shamar are the final pair and Reynold throws the sandbags for the Fans.  In the end, Reynold shoots the six sandbags to the targets first and the Fans win Immunity.

Back at Bikul tribe, Francesca wants to vote out Phillip, something that Cochran agrees.  Francesca also thinks that she wants to vote out Corinne.  Andrea feels that Francesca is very tricky and admits that she feels more comfortable and secure with Phillip than with Francesca.  Phillip likes the scenario of voting out Francesca first again.  Erik tells Brandon about his conversation with Phillip about the majority alliance.  Brandon then tells this news to Francesca.  Now Francesca is as paranoid as ever!

Meanwhile, Dawn and Cochran sort things out.  Dawn tells Cochran that Francesca seems like a bigger threat than Phillip and decides to vote out Francesca.  Alas, Cochran and Dawn are working together!  Being both in Survivor South Pacific, Cochran thinks that Dawn has become more ready to play a more strategic game as before, saying, “The fact that she’s willing to take our Frannie, who she has confessed to really liking and wanting to work with, indicates that this is a new Dawn.”  Cochran then laughs at his own pun.  Damn you Cochran you’re still this witty and cool guy!

Francesca, as paranoid as ever, suggests to split the votes to Phillip and Corinne, because Phillip might have found a hidden immunity idol.  Wow.  Suddenly, Brandon thinks that Andrea seems to listen to everyone and he is threatened by her.  Erik agrees and he and Brandon inform Francesca of changing the vote from Phillip to Andrea.  Francesca is not happy about the last-minute change of votes.


Phillip and Francesca both agree that they are uneasy with the fact that they both play on the same tribe once again.  Everyone agrees that they all feel paranoid at this point.  Andrea tells Jeff Probst that she hopes that everyone appreciates her hardwork at camp and at challenges.  Cochran admits that the game is more fast-paced and intense when there are returning players.  The tribe then votes.  In a Survivor first:

(c) CBS

Francesca Hogi is the first person voted out of Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites.  She was also the first person voted out during Survivor: Redemption Island.

Wow.  Being voted out first sucks, but being voted out first the second time?  Wow.  Haha!  Anyway, great way to start the season!  Just on the first episode, everyone is talking STRATEGY!  It was a bit boring first tribal council for me, but I think that it is going to be one interesting season yet again!  My early favorites from the Fans are Sherri and Michael.  I have a strong feeling that I will loving Sherri this season, I just do not know why.  Sometimes I just feel it.  Of course I love everyone from the Favorites, but I really do hope Cochran and Dawn would create wonders together.


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