Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 2 Recap: Honey Badger

(c) CBS

Bikal tribe comes back to camp from the last tribal council and Brandon becomes furious about the fact that Francesca was the first person voted off.  Brandon thinks that it was unfair to vote out a nice person and then calls out Dawn as the Mean Girl.  After hearing that, Dawn breaks down to tears.  Brandon then confesses to Erik that the Hantz-blood comes rushing back to his veins and is determined to wreak havoc at camp as he will play dirty to the core.

On day 4 over at Gota tribe, everyone is busy doing something while Shamar remains resting in the shelter and rubs the other castaways the wrong way.  I just say Shamar is one lazy dawg.  Allie confesses that Shamar should be the next one to go.  Later Shamar talks with Sherri and she invites him to be in the alliance of six (with Michael, Matt, Laura. and Julia).  Sherri has a hidden agenda in mind: to make Shamar annoy the rest of the tribe and be her own version of Phillip.  Well, Sherri is definitely making some smart moves early in the game!

Going back to the Bikal camp, Brandon calms down and realizes that being hot-tempered is not the right way to go.  Cochran thinks that this unpredictable behavior is scaring him.  Brandon then wants to vote out Phillip, after Phillip describes himself as the CEO of the tribe and telling Brandon that he is just in the middle-management.  Are we even in a Survivor show or is this The Apprentice?


Three members of each tribe will ride a raft while the other three members will pull the raft out to the platform.  The three who are on the raft will then dive and pull pieces of long wood to release rings.  Once they collected 9 rings they ride the raft again while they are being pulled back again to shore.  The three remaining tribe members must throw the rings to three posts.  The first tribe to finish wins immunity and a fishing gear.  Just before the challenge, the Fans almost had a heated argument about who will do what part of the challenge.  This results to an slow start for the Fans.  However, just like the last Immunity Challenge, the two tribes are neck and neck at the final stage of the challenge (throwing the rings to the pole).  But this time, the Favorites win!

After the win, the Bikal tribe head back to camp with an enthusiastic atmosphere and boosted morale.  Phillip then calls out his association as Stealth R Us.  He then recruits Malcolm and calls him “The Enforcer.”  He gets to introduce the rest of his, uhm, staff members–Cochran as “Intelegencia Attache,” Andrea is “The Eliminator,” Corinne is “The Dominatrix,” and Dawn is “True Grit.”  Their mission: to eliminate the fans.  HAHA.

The Fans head back to camp disappointed.  As they analyze what went wrong, Michael thinks that their tribe has no leadership.  Reynold calls out Shamar and tells him that his attitude is unacceptable to the game.  They start to exchange heated words and the day ends with Reynold and Eddie walking out while Shamar tells them to “shut up.”  Meanwhile, Matt follows Reynold and Eddie and tells them that he is willing to join their four-way alliance  of Cool cats (Reynold-Eddie-Allie-Hope) just to vote off Shamar.

Later, Matt feels like he and Michael are in the middle of two opposing alliances.  He then talks with Michael and Sherri as they analyze on what to do.  Sherri assures them that if they keep Shamar, he may cool down after.  Laura joins the conversation and Sherri asks her on who to vote.  Laura suggests to vote off Allie because she thinks that Allie is the smartest and most strategic one of all the “pretty people” alliance.

Reynold searches for a hidden immunity idol just before Tribal Council.  Surprisingly, he is able to pull out a hidden immunity idol out of a tree!  He then tries to think where to hide it.  As the tribe prepares for Tribal Council, Laura notices a bulge in Reynold’s pocket and thinks it is actually a hidden immunity idol.  Unfortunately, Laura has no time to tell her alliance about what she saw, but c’mon, she should have just whispered this new information on their way to the council!


Michael mentions out the four people who are bonded in their tribe–the Elite group of cool cats (Reynold, Eddie, Allie, Hope).  Allie points out that they only are of the same age-group that happens to share a lot of similarities together.  Meanwhile, Shamar tells Jeff Probst that he is spending his days at camp conserving his energy.  He also emphasizes that during his Iraq service, he had good leadership skills, unlike in Survivor where each castaway has his or her own way of doing things.  Michael agrees and tells that the lack of leadership was the reason of their loss.  Reynold then points out that Shamar has a lot of opinions but does nothing at camp.  Eddie tells Jeff that Shamar spent 19 hours just laying on the shelter.  Just before the vote, Laura finally reveals that she saw a bulge on someone’s pocket that seemed to be a hidden immunity idol.  She does not want to say who, but she looks directly to Reynold.  Of course Jeff notices it (he always notices a LOT of things).  In a shocking turning of events, Reynold pulls his hidden immunity idol out of his pocket!  THAT is not a smart move coming from Reynold.  He then tells everyone that he will be using the idol and be done with it.  The tribe then votes.  Before the reveal, Jeff asks if anyone will be playing the idol.  Reynolds puts his idol back into his pocket.

Allie (L) and Laura. (c) CBS

Allie Pohevitz is the second person voted out of Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites

I was a bit sad to see Allie go because she might have a lot of tricks still hidden up her sleeves.  Oh well, that’s the game of Survivor for you.  I must say Sherri is definitely growing on me.  She is smart and she steadily creates a solid alliance around her.  Looking forward to watch her as the game goes on.  As for the craziness that the Favorites bring to the table, I still don’t know who is sillier, Brandon or Phillip.


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