OSCARS Best Pictures Tribute

The 85th Annual Academy Awards is next week!  Who is EXCITED?  To celebrate 85 years of incredible movies, the Academy created a one-of-a-kind poster by an English artist Olly Moss, featuring all the Best Picture winners for the past 85 years (1927-2012), each movie drawn distinctly into one of 85 Oscar® statuettes, or should I say 84 statuettes.  The big question is: how will the 85th trophy turn out to look like? A bearded guy with a fake movie script on one hand? Or a tall president-looking guy with a top hat? A guy jogging wearing a black garbage bag? Or a peasant kid with her hair being blown to the right? Or Richard Parker? Django? Or Osama bin Laden? Let’s just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of my favorite transformations.  Head on to Oscars.go.com for the rest of the Oscar® artworks.



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