Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 3 Recap: There’s Gonna Be Hell To Pay

(c) CBS

As soon as the Gota tribe heads home, Shamar gets offended by Reynold’s attitude of being upset about the last tribal council.  Eddie tries to talk with Shamar, but of course Shamar just does not listen.  Shamar then yells at Julia and Matt and to almost everyone.

The next day, Eddie and Reynold think that they are on the outs and feel that they are in trouble.  Meanwhile, Sherri talks with Shamar and encourages him to stay cool about the game.  Sherri admits that she feels for Shamar because due to her working experience, she has come across many people with the same attitude as Shamar.  On the other hand, Shamar still remains discouraged about how people act towards him and feels that playing the game is not worth it anymore.  Sounds like Shamar is quitting, but when he opens this out to his tribe, Laura encourages him to stay, so as Sherri.  Sherri explains that if he quits, then their tribe loses immunity, they will be down two in numbers.  Shamar wants to stay loyal to the tribe and decides not to quit.

Over at the Bikal tribe, Phillip sees Brenda working out by the beach and tries to imitate her.  Later on, Malcolm and Corinne head off to look for the hidden immunity idol and they form a sub-alliance in the process.  And yes, they are able to find the idol!  They immediately rebury the idol.

Later that day, Cochran, a true-blue Survivor fan, confesses that, “I get to watch SURVIVOR while I’m playing SURVIVOR and for a SURVIVOR nut like I am, this is a dream come true.”  While bonding at the camp, Andrea notices Malcolm and Corinne having a very intense talk.  She does not understand why do they have to do these strategic one-on-one talks when they are part of a strong six-way alliance.  Andrea then suggests to Cochran to vote out Corinne first then replace her with Brandon in the alliance.  Andrea suggests this idea to Phillip and he agrees.  Later, Andrea and Cochran talk with Brandon about the plan and Brandon is delighted about the news, but still remains worried all because of trust-issues.


(c) CBS

Both tribes will swim and climb over a bamboo cage with a heavy crate at the bottom of the cage.  Once all members are inside the cage, they must untie the cage door and drag the heavy crate out of the cage and all the way back to shore.  They must then place the crate onto a track and use a grappling ring to pull three missing sections of the track.  The first tribe to push the crate to the end of the track and to the finish platform wins immunity and a set of pillows, tarp, chairs and blankets.  The Bikal tribe is the first tribe to reach the cage and they start to untie the cage.  The Fans are struggling as Shamar blames Reynold for stealing his goggles that he need to protect his contact lenses.  Oh Shamar is a whiny little immature kid.  All things considered, the Fans are the first ones to untie the cage and they start dragging the heavy crate to shore.  The Favorites pick up the pace to catch up with the Fans.  And they do!  The Favorites reach the the track first and Malcolm tries to toss the ring first to grab the first piece of the missing track.  In a true-Survivor fashion, both tribes are now neck and neck in filling the missing gaps of the track!  It comes down to Eddie for the Fans and Brandon for the Favorites in connecting the final piece of the track. Brandon connects it first to secure the Favorites their second immunity/reward win in a row!

Gota tribe goes back to camp empty-handed.  Reynold tries to talk with Shamar and of course Shamar shuts him down.  Reynold thinks that Shamar is less mature than his three year old nephew and hopes that Shamar is the next one to go.  Laura, Matt and Sherri decide to vote out Hope but are afraid that Reynold might use his hidden immunity idol to save Hope.  In the end they plan to split the votes to flush the idol–the boys (Michael, Shamar, Matt) will vote out Eddie, the girls (Sherri, Laura, Julia) will vote out Hope.  Sherri then tells Shamar about the plan but he is worried that he might receive three votes (Eddie, Reynold, Hope) and have a three-way tie.  Sherri reassures Shamar that he will not go home.  Later, Shamar talks with Hope and tells her about the plan of splitting the votes and recommends to vote out Eddie to save herself.  Shamar is not just a whiny little kid, but he is also a stupid player!  Hope then tells Julia about what Shamar told her.  Of course Julia gets angry and immediately tells Matt, Sherri, and Laura.  Laura on the other hand, gets so worried that Shamar might jump ship and vote with the other alliance (the cool kids).  Thinking that Shamar is just a wild card in their alliance, Laura tells Reynold that she and Julia will vote out Shamar tonight.


During council, Shamar admits to Jeff Probst that he feels like a scapegoat.  Shamar also confesses that some of his tribe members are liars.  Reynold reacts to Shamar’s claim and thinks about how he could lie to Shamar if he is not allowed to talk to him.  He actually has a point.  Shamar tells Reynold that he is an evil person.  I think Reynold is right again about describing awhile ago about Shamar as less mature than his three-year old nephew.  Sherri supports Shamar though, telling others that she actually understands Shamar.

The turnout of votes reveals a three-way tie among Eddie, Hope, and Shamar.  The Gota tribe then re-votes.

Hope (Leftmost), Reynold, and Michael (c) CBS

Hope Driskill is the third person voted out Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites.

I was a bit bored with this episode.  At this point I don’t know if Shamar is a real fan of the game, because all he does are the ways on how NOT to play Survivor.  I mean, c’mon, he is lazy at camp, he is poor in challenges, he is antisocial and whiny at other tribe members, and to top it all off, he does not know how to play strategy where SURVIVOR is a highly social and strategic game!  Well, Sherri is smart enough to use Shamar to her advantage.  Over at the Favorites, I do not think going with Corinne is not a good way to go for Malcolm.  If I were him, I would have teamed up with Dawn (just like what he did with Denise in Philippines) or with Brenda.  We are just three episodes in and we still have a very long journey to go.  I am sensing a tribe mix-up in the coming weeks.


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