Movie Review: LINCOLN

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Without question, Daniel Day Lewis is one of the finest actors of our generation, if not, of all time.  At age 55, he is the only actor who won three Academy Awards for Best Actor (Jack Nicholson and Meryll Streep also won three, but one of which was for a Supporting Role).

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At first I thought Lincoln is Abraham Lincoln’s biopic during the Civil War so I was expecting gruesome scenes of warfare all strewn up around Lincoln’s own life’s struggles and triumphs.  What I did not know was that this film is a revealing drama that focuses more on the 16th President’s tumultuous final months in office while the nation is divided by war.  Thinking on how to end the war, Lincoln pursues a course of action to unite the nation and abolish slavery that will change the landscape of the future generation.

Lincoln has one remarkable and socially relevant story, indeed.  Unfortunately, though it’s a beautifully crafted movie by no other than Steven Spielberg, I was bored to death.  At times it was too hard for me to understand their refined conversational language and its political and underlying courtroom drama-like framework.  Nevertheless, the cinematic value of this epic film is at its supreme.

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Daniel Day Lewis is so exceptional on every single scene.  Though Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook) and Joaquin Phoenix (The Master) deserved to win an Oscar, let’s face it: no one can really topple Daniel Day Lewis because he was THAT brilliant.  But yeah, I would have been a lot happier had Cooper won.

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Other supporting cast members from Sally Field to Joseph Gordon Levitt are all tremendous on this film, but it is Tommy Lee Jones who nails his role as the Republican House Leader Thaddeus Stevens.  He almost steals all the scenes he is in.

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The film may be slow-paced and sometimes monotonous, but Abraham Lincoln (character) is so charming and entertaining to watch and Daniel Day Lewis portrays the role as if Lincoln has been brought back to life.  Should I recommend this movie for everyone? Yay or Nay? I would say, Yay.

4.0 out of 5 stars


One thought on “Movie Review: LINCOLN”

  1. Daniel Day, and the rest of the cast is just amazing, but the one who I was most taken-away from was Spielberg, who plays everything safe, intimate, and very subtle. Something I haven’t seen from the guy in awhile. Good review.

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