Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 4 Recap: Kill or Be Killed

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And the drama of “Shamar and the Brady Bunch” continues.  On night 7, Eddie asks everyone  why did they vote out Hope over Laura in the last tribal council.  According to Eddie, Laura is the weakest link in the tribe physically.  Meanwhile, Reynold gets angry at Laura for not sticking with the supposed plan of getting rid of Shamar.  Matt reminds both Eddie and Reynold, the two remaining minority in the Gota tribe, that all of these are part of playing Survivor.  I guess being a part of a minority is really bad, both in and out of Survivor.


Day 8 at Gota tribe, Phillip practically adds everyone to his Stealth R’ Us special tactical group.  Phillip shakes Brandon’s hand and calls him ‘The Conqueror’ because he performs ecstatically during challenges.  Brandon is delighted that not only he is in the core alliance, he can also crack Phillip’s plans from the inside.  Phillip then takes Erik and calls him ‘The Silent One’ then lastly recruits Brenda, calling her ‘Serenity’.  Oh Phillip.  Andrea is the one who feels upset with this idea of calling everyone titles.



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Two tribe members will stand on two separate platforms while the other members will use planks to transfer those two members on the platform to a third platform.  Once transferred, everyone must swim to the final platform wherein they should all stand and remain still for 5 seconds.  The first tribe to do this wins a special visit from a local who will improve the camp and will cook food for them.  At the first platform, the tribes must transfer Brenda (for the Favorites) and Julia (for the Fans) to their respective second planks where Andrea (Favorite) and Laura (Fan) await.  Laura is shaky while transferring, giving the Favorites a bit of a lead.  It the final platform, it is the Favorites who are able to stand together for 5 seconds.  Favorites win reward!  Well, Shamar was so excited because he thought they won but actually they did not.  I know, I know, it sucks sometimes Shamar.


Back at Bikal tribe, the native arrives and man he is damn adorable! Haha!  He cooks rice and chicken for the Favorites and tries to fix the shelter.  He does speak a bit of English and he is cute and funny and all Dawn’s reactions are priceless!  Malcolm thinks that the local is like a Filipino version of Gollum and thinks that the guy is so entertaining to watch!  Before tatay left, he received warm hugs and kisses from the girls.


Over at the Gota tribe, Shamar lies down at the shelter immediately after the challenge and remains to be a dead meat around camp.  Eddie is so frustrated right now.  In a true-pain-in-the-ass moment, Shamar admits that he is tired and demands to be served rice per day.  WOW.  Later that day, Shamar scratches his eyes and apparently injures his right eyeball.  Then the rain comes and the wind blows the camp and everyone in it.  The rats also attack the camp to everyone’s dismay.  Shamar rocks back and forth in the damaged shelter.  He is losing it big time.  Then Jeff Probst and the medical team arrive to check on him.  The medical team recommends to pull Shamar out of the game due to severe corneal damage.


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Shamar Thomas is MEDICALLY EVACUATED and becomes the 4th person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites.


I don’t want to say thank God Shamar’s gone, but yeah, he’s gone. Moving on.




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Before Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge, the Favorites are shockingly greeted with a Shamar-less Gota tribe.  Anyway, the tribes must swim to a platform, climb the stairs and smash a piece of tile to release a key.  They must get the key and swim back to shore and then the next member goes.  Once they all retrieve 5 keys, the remaining two members must use the keys to open a chest.  Inside a chest are sandbags that will be used to topple the blocks on a ledge.  The first tribe to knock all blocks wins Immunity.  Because the Favorites have two extra members, Corinne and Dawn sit this challenge out.  Sherri is the only person who attempts to break the tile twice.  This makes the Fans trail behind the Favorites.  Eddie on the other hand tries to catch up with the Favorites.  The Fans continue to trail way behind the Favorites.  Then Laura is having difficulty in unlocking the chest, but it is Phillip and Reynold (the Fans’ resident sharp-shooter) who square off in knocking off the blocks.  Phillip starts early for the Favorites, while Reynold comes from behind, catching up with the Favorites at decent speed and accuracy.  In the end, Phillip wins it for the Favorites!


Back at the Gota tribe, Matt acknowledges the strength that both Reynold and Eddie offered during the Immunity Challenge.  Matt tells Michael that Eddie and Reynold both deserve to stay in order to have a better chance in winning challenges.  Now Matt and Michael are eyeing Laura to be the next one to go, even though she is in their alliance.  Matt then talks with Reynold, telling him that he and Michael are voting for Laura.  Thinking that he is being played, Reynold is thinking to use his hidden immunity idol to save himself.  Later, Matt tells Sherri about the plan of voting out Laura.  Sherri does not feel confident about the plan and admits that their alliance is falling apart.



The consensus of the tribe is that, they feel less stressful and less tension when Shamar left the game.  Reynold admittedly announces to the council that without him and Eddie, there will be zero chances of winning any challenges in the future.  Laura points out that trust is important in this game.  Reynold disagrees and tells that trust does not let a tribe win challenges.  Sherri supports Laura’s claim and tells that the tribe haven’t won any challenge even if Eddie and Reynold are around.  Eddie admits that this particular council is the make-it-or-break-it part of the game.  He then pleads to everyone to vote out the weakest player that keeps the tribe from winning anything.



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Laura Alexander is the FIFTH person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites.






I think they made the right one, if they really wanted to win challenges.  HOWEVER, being a fan of Survivor, this show is so unpredictable, that anything can happen the next day, let’s say, a tribe mix-up.  I just can’t wait for the Favorites’ Tribal Council because there is no core alliance and everyone is under the Stealth R’ Us alliance now.  AND what’s up with the preview for the next episode?  Huge dramatic outburst awaits Survivor: Caramoan next week and this is going to be AWESOME.


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